Step Up For Kids – Action Alert

On Tuesday, August 2nd, the Jeffco School Board voted to refer to the ballot a $33 million mill levy override and a capital improvement plan bond for $535 million.

See the following link for video to be posted by the district: ( )

We were greatly encouraged by those parents and community members who came out in force at the Facility Master Planning meetings to advocate specifically for their school. We saw members from many school communities who turned out to speak, such as Stober, Kendrick Lakes, Governors Ranch, Little, Parr, and Pleasant View, just to name a few.

This message is especially for those parents and community members. The board listened and with their official vote to refer the mill levy override and bond to the November 2016 ballot, they are expressing their faith in you to now advocate for ALL 86,000 students and 154 schools as passionately as you advocated for your own during the Facility Master Planning meetings. This will NOT be successful without your help.

Now is the time to step up and put your advocacy into real action.


  • Real action, as in signing up to volunteer to work for this mill/bond by chairing a committee in your respective school or articulation area.  
  • Sign up to help with Back to School Nights (which start this week in some school communities).
  • Sign up to recruit other volunteers to help man info tables, walk and knock on doors in September and October, forward emails, and make phone calls.
  • Sign up to write letters to newspapers or help organize information meetings in your community.

There is much work to be done before election day, November 8th. Just two and a half months short months until ballots drop. Jeffco is a diverse school district. Geographically, we are approximately 780 square miles, and Jefferson County has a growing population, well over a half million, as of the last census taken in 2010.

Jeffco also has an aging population and, of the registered 325,000 voters, more than 70% do not touch our schools. Their children and grandchildren have moved on to college and the workforce. They no longer have the advantage of being connected to a neighborhood school to see the great work being done so they can appreciate the Return On Investment they have merely by living in the Jeffco School District, or understand the real needs in the classrooms and devastating issues plaguing our buildings.

The point is, they will never know the urgency of need behind this mill/bond unless parents, like yourselves, reach out to them and tell them. It’s up to you. The success of this campaign rests in your hands. There are just two and one half short months before ballots drop.


Step up – bring your family, friends, fellow school community members and passion with you. The road to success starts here and the journey begins now.

Ready to step up to ensure your kids receive the best education we can provide them with? Until the campaign team gets organized, email us at and we’ll pass along your name.


Note: SJK will not be organizing or leading the campaign as we are a 501c4. We will assist in putting out information EVERYONE needs to make a wise and education decision for our children.

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