Staying On Top of Things

First of all, we wanted to share this on behalf of our friends in DougCo and congratulate them for staying on top of things.

Secondly, we wanted to say how thrilled we are that our friends in Douglas County aren’t taking any chances or wasting any time.   They know, in this upcoming November Board of Ed election, they have a lot at stake.  

And so does Jeffco.  

This November, we have 3 seats (the majority) on our Board of Education up for election.   If it seems like we just elected the folks that sit on our board, that’s because the 3 seats that were recalled by 65% of the voters (belonging to Witt, Newkirk, and Williams) and filled by Ron Mitchell, Susan Harmon, and Brad Rupert could only, by law, complete the remaining 2 years of the 4 year term WNW were originally elected for.

As a result, those 3 seats, a mere 2 years later, are now up for election this November.  

Hey Jeffco, let’s not fall asleep in our soup!   Wake up and get involved. We cannot afford to sit back and expect this election to go well without everyone’s engagement and participation.

We know, it seems like Jeffco public schools advocates just weathered a district-wide election (the 2016 mill and bond). You may also note it didn’t pass – a whole lot of Jeffco folks simply weren’t as involved as needed.

This November, like DougCo, Jeffco has so much on the line.

Stop and think about how our new board has been able to slowly turn the tide.

  • They’ve stopped the hemorrhaging, when it comes to losing talented staff, and now that some real collaboration has been re-established between the district and employees, we are hopeful, the trail of Jeffco employees to other districts will soon come to an end.
  • Steps have been taken (within the constraints of limited resources) to help cope with the outrageous growth in the NW corridor of Jeffco, especially.
  • We have board members who truly appreciate community engagement and input.
  • And, we all can look forward to the official hiring of Dr. Jason Glass as our new superintendent. Hiring a leader for our school district has been one of the key achievements of this board.   Mr. McMinimee, through no fault of his own, was hired into a no-win situation. He was totally inexperienced at leading a school district (of any size). His background was neither academic nor business. He came into the role of superintendent with the odds of the community accepting him not in his favor, due to how his hire was forced on the community, on a 3-2 vote, with public comment limited to only 45 minutes. Hardly the way any superintendent should want to be hired.

We believe Dr. Glass, assuming no unexpected issues prevents the official thumbs up on the 16th of May, comes into this position with a positive momentum. He will have been hired on a 5-0 vote (he was the sole finalist on a 5-0 vote); he has a strong academic background; he’s experienced at running a school district and has served as Iowa’s Chief State School Officer.

Read what Eagle County Board Members and Community have said about Dr. Glass from this Article in the Denver Post by John Aguilar:

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a district with 500, 5,000 or 50,000 students — I don’t think that would be an issue for him,” said Hirn, who has worked with Glass since he became superintendent in Eagle County in 2013. “He is going to get a good team around him — he can rally the troops. I feel he’s very intelligent and very thoughtful on decision-making.”

“With Jason, we had a leader who was able to be out in the community connecting with people,” said Tessa Kirchner, an Eagle County Schools board member.”

“She credits that outreach, whether through his prolific use of social media or face-to-face visits with community groups and leaders, for getting Eagle County voters to pass a $144 million bond measure and $8 million mill levy override last year — five years after they turned down a similar funding request.”

“Megan Orvis, who heads the Eagle County Education Association and teaches geography at Eagle Valley High in Gypsum, echoes that sentiment, saying Glass is “one of the most willing-to-listen-to-your-side-of-the-story type of administrators.”

If we are to give Dr. Glass a fighting chance at helping to complete so much of the work our Board of Ed has already started, then we need to make sure we give him a Board of Education who will support that work.

Jeffco, we need to all come together and work as hard for this Board of Ed election as we did for the Recall in 2015!   The well-being of our schools and community rests on this election – and more importantly the future of our students rests on this election.

Jeffco, we implore you to get involved. If you haven’t already contacted us about wanting to be more engaged, then please do that now. Join Support Jeffco Kids in our efforts to carry out our mission statement:

Our mission is to educate the Jeffco Community on t he importance of supporting public education for ALL kids in Jeffco, inform the community on current events, and to support a school board that understands the importance of educating all 86,000 students in Jeffco.