Statement from President Ron Mitchell

Jeffco Board President Ron Mitchell released the following statement about the selection of our new Superintendent, Dr. Jason Glass. We are so proud of our Board for offering such a thorough process! They gave us the transparency we asked for and were accountable to the community in answering all of our questions and concerns along the way. #JeffcoRocks


I am so pleased to share with you that our board has approved the finalist candidate contract for Dr. Jason Glass to become Jeffco’s next superintendent, effective July 1, 2017 and to serve for a term of three years. The board welcomes Dr. Glass, currently the Superintendent of Eagle County Schools, to Jeffco Schools and looks forward to working with him. We also look forward to the entire Jeffco community getting to meet him and see what we saw that made us unanimously select him. The board sincerely thanks the entire community for working together throughout the search process to select Jeffco’s next great leader.

The board committed to the priorities identified by the community in selecting the next district leader to move Jeffco forward. Working with a search firm, extensive community outreach was conducted to solicit input which was used during all candidate evaluation. The search firm helped guide a search process rooted in community input. As a result, nearly 3,900 surveys and 1,000 comments were received, the search firm made 825 contacts across 46 states resulting in 69 applications, advancing 11 candidates from nine states. On April 26 and 28, six candidates all of whom had Ph.D. degrees and were either sitting superintendents or, in one case, an associate superintendent were interviewed.

One candidate stood out for his national experience and knowledge of Colorado – Dr. Jason Glass. His experience matched the community’s qualifications and the board unanimously chose to select him as our finalist. Dr. Glass effectively demonstrated he is an innovator, a consensus builder and  communicator who is able to identify Jeffco’s strengths and challenges. He places a high value on working side by side with our community to ensure Jeffco students receives the best quality education.

Dr. Jason Glass rose to the top of a very competitive candidate pool provided by the firm, Ray and Associates. When we examined the candidates, using the qualities provided to us by our community, it became apparent to the board that one candidate was by far the best match for our school district and the right person to lead our district forward. The decision to name Dr. Glass as our sole finalist quickly became a consensus decision by our Board of Education.

Dr. Glass has already begun to generate optimism and excitement in our schools. He is truly an inspirational leader and all of us are looking forward to working with him in the future. I hope our entire community will come together and work collectively with Dr. Glass to help Jeffco Schools realize our vision to become one of the best school districts in the country.  Our 86,000 students deserve nothing less from each of us. Together we can make our vision a reality!

See below for thoughts from my fellow board members. To learn more about Dr. Glass or the contract, click here.

Ron Mitchell, District 5, President

“Our Board committed to an open and transparent process involving community input and updates along the way. We interviewed six candidates, all of whom would have moved Jeffco forward.  But when comparing each community priority to the individual candidate’s experience, Dr. Glass was clearly at the top of our list and I am glad we chose him unanimously.  As our new Superintendent, Dr. Glass will strengthen Jeffco’s educational community and empower our students to thrive in school and life beyond.”
Ali Lasell, District 3, 1st Vice President

“We interviewed six strong candidates and we unanimously agreed that one candidate, Dr. Glass, rose above the rest.  Dr. Glass matched the community’s input to select an effective communicator and an innovator who is committed to providing the best education for all children. Dr. Glass is the right leader for moving Jeffco forward and making us one of the best schools in the nation.”
Susan Harmon, District 2, 2nd Vice President

“We valued the community’s input and focused on the traits clearly communicated as priorities by the nearly 4,000 Jeffco community members who participated in developing our Superintendent Profile. In previous roles, Dr. Glass developed a reputation as a consensus builder committed to innovation and high expectations for all students.  We look forward to working with him and sharing in the Jeffco’s future successes”  
Amanda Stevens, District 4, Secretary

“I’m excited about our selection of Dr. Jason Glass as our final selection for superintendent for Jeffco. Dr. Glass’ commitment to improve education for all children, his depth and clarity and understanding of legal, financial and political contexts in Colorado, his current experience as superintendent, his individual drive to raise the bar in Jeffco, and his extraordinary ability to communicate with stakeholders put him well above others in the field. Had this been a close call, we were perfecting willing to introduce multiple finalists, if the finalists were willing. However, none of us saw a reason to have a token set of multiple finalists when our decision became so clear. I’m looking forward to where Dr. Glass can take education in Jeffco.”
Brad Rupert, District 1, Treasurer