Standards Revision Update from CDE

Sharing information from CDE about the standards revision process. Shawna had the honor of serving on the Reading, Writing, and Communicating committee with educators throughout the state. The process was extremely thoughtful and thorough. The educators who gave their time to this process should be congratulated and honored for their dedication and service. Very impressive work!


Standards Review and Revision Newsletter

CDE is committed to supporting an open, inclusive and responsive standards review and revision process. This newsletter serves as a reminder of all the ways you can participate and a way to inform you of updates.Visit the Standards Review and Revision webpage for more information and helpful resources.

View final drafts of proposed revisions to standards

Final drafts of all proposed revisions to the Colorado Academic Standards are now available on the standards review and revision webpage.

CDE cautions districts from revising local standards and curriculum until final approval of revisions by the State Board of Education. All proposed revisions are anticipated to be adopted by July 1, 2018 in alignment with state law.

Districts will have two years to review and revise their local standards as needed with implementation scheduled for the 2020-21 school year.

Anticipated calendar for State Board review of proposed revisions

The State Board of Education will hear final recommendations from the standards review and revision committees through its June meeting.

At the April State Board meeting, the board will vote on final recommendations from the computer science, the arts and world languages committees. The Board will also hear revision recommendations from the mathematics, science and social studies committees.

The schedule for final presentation and approval of revisions will be as follows:

Final recommendations for science; reading, writing, and communicating; comprehensive health and physical education. Action to approve mathematics and social studies.

Action to approve science; reading, writing, and communicating; comprehensive health and physical education.

The review and revision process is required by Senate Bill 08-212, known as Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K). The law requires a review and revision of the Colorado Academic Standards on or before July 1, 2018, and every six years thereafter.

View more information about the standards review and revision process.

For questions, contact Karol Gates, Director, Office of Standards and Instructional Support, at or 303-866-6576.