Stand Strong For Jeffco

Kelly Johnson, a strong Jeffco advocate, wrote this asking for the Jeffco community to step up and Support Jeffco Kids and Jeffco Schools:


Over the past 6 years, I’ve attended countless school board meetings (under three different board presidents), community meetings, budget forums, etc. Never before have I been so concerned for our schools, our kids, and our community as a whole.


I see division, confusion, even fear. But the most worrisome things I see are ignorance, apathy and detachment.


Jeffco community – please pay attention and get involved. If you can’t attend meetings, find someone who can and have them keep you up to date. If you know others who haven’t yet heard about what’s going on with our school board, take the next step and keep them informed. Ask them to do the same to widen the circle of Jeffco voters who have a clear picture of the trouble we’re facing.


There are 350,000 voters in Jeffco. In the 2013 election, only about a third actually bothered to vote. Unacceptable.


And what exactly are the problems?


Time and again our new board majority – Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams – are micromanaging district staff (NOT how elected officials should operate), and violating board policies and even state laws. 


And there’s another reason you should be very upset. This is bigger than Jeffco. This is part of a NATIONAL AGENDA. A post from Americans for Prosperity discusses Witt, Newkirk and Williams’ agenda. If you’re not already aware, AFP weighed in heavily – with big dollars -in the Douglas County School Board race last year.


Jeffco, what makes us special? I’ll tell you. We have managed, in spite of being a 780,000 square mile county, to value and protect our sense of community. We balk when outside influences try to override our sense of what’s best for this beautiful section of our state. We take pride in our schools, our businesses, our neighborhoods and our heritage.


That’s all in jeopardy now.


Way too many Jeffco residents are not involved with the public schools – either because they no longer have (or never had) children in the schools, or because they haven’t seen a need to get involved.


Now is the time.


Please sign up for emails from Support Jeffco Kids,


Please take the time to print out key information for older citizens who may not use email. Please make an effort to reach our to your network and get them connected.


Please take the time to stand strong for Jeffco. 


Kelly Johnson

Jeffco parent