SPED Opportunity for Parents

We’ve joined with several SPED and Twice-Exceptional moms and dads to get more information about the educational experiences of their children. Being able to offer resources or refer other parents to those with experience is something we love to do! (PS – always feel free to share with us!)

Just found this from the Colorado Department of Education and some of you may want to participate in this!

Attend the next CSEAC meeting

The next meeting of the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee (CSEAC) will be Thursday, Feb. 15, at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center, 4005 Kipling St.

CSEAC is a state-level committee with members who are interested in the quality of education received by children/youth with disabilities. The committee includes parents of and individuals with disabilities, educational service providers, administrators and representatives from a variety of related agencies.

For more information, visit the CSEAC webpage.

For More Information, Contact: 
David Ramer
Phone: 303-866-6943
Email: ramer_d@cde.state.co.us