Something new is happening…

Something is happening. Keep your eyes open.

No one will soon forget the antics of our recalled school board members; Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams. You may also remember lots about the Leadership Program of the Rockies and all of the connections to AFP and other individuals involved in the dark side of politics that led to the eventual recall. Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten how crazy those board meetings were.

Take a look at this post we put out about the “School Choice” panel.

Here’s another link to refresh your memory –

Look at the names and then recall (no pun intended) that Gilmartin came out strong with AFP during the recall. She is also involved with Golden View Classical and now the Ascent Charter that was approved in Dougco along with Brad Miller, the recalled board’s private attorney that showed what transparency doesn’t look like.

Now let’s take a look at a few NEW connections and happenings.

A “Director” and a “President.” Check out the new LLC listed that connects the two…No Waitlists.,244375

“If it looks political, it is…” Exactly, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is. No waitlists, eh?

School boards and education are supposed to be nonpartisan, making the best decisions for ALL children. ALL, not some. ALL schools, not some. Adding more charters “just because” is complete silliness, poor planning, and ultimately hurts all schools and students because funding then must be spread even thinner, leaving fewer resources for all students. Those advocating for more choices without reviewing current choices seem to  be increasingly tied to profits from the ventures. AlterNet and Diane Ravitch have shared story after story about this.

We have authentic, home grown charters in Jeffco. Support the efforts of those because the messiness and politics interfering in this discussion is also hurting those schools.

Keep an eye on this whole “school choice” messaging that is being used to mislead you and your neighbors.

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