Happy Thanksgiving, You Are Support Jeffco Kids!

This is Shawna, I’m taking the liberty of hijacking the website today. Because I can. There are so many of you who should be thanked.

SJK means more to me than anything and it exists because of your tremendous support and it truly is a community grassroots group. We have grown exponentially and become an organization known for getting things done because our supporters and volunteers have made us one of the most active advocacy groups around. So many of you have gone above and beyond to support this organization and make certain that things are truly about the kids as our main focus. We have done incredible things in our (almost) 3 years of existence and for that work and community effort and collaboration, we can all be proud.

For Thanksgiving, a huge round of applause and thanks to all of our donors, school reps, volunteers, and supporters. Just a few special words of thanks from me to our SJK leaders who have done the work that makes a difference for everyone in Jeffco. Though they don’t do the work for recognition and never toot their own horns, they deserve a spotlight, crown, medals, applause and hugs:

Debbie Carpenter

Debbie is the person with the kindest heart in the world. She’s brilliant and generous and delightful to be around. Debbie is the ray of sunshine in the world. She’s the one you want to see if you’re down or just to make a great day even better. She’s a shining star for all children and she has been for years.

Karyn Peabody

Karyn is incredible. If you want something done and taken care of, this lady takes anything by the horns and seriously takes it on. Things get done! She also has the best smile and warmest heart and is  one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

Annie Bitsie

Annie is one of our first volunteers. She spends all of her time doing things for other staff members and all children. She’s a rockstar and almost no one can keep up with her. She’s caring and delightful and is just a very special friend we all treasure.

Nicole Croy

I’m so blessed to know Nicole. I met her in 2012 and we’ve remained friends through everything. She says yes to every important cause and is that friend you can always count on to help make things happen. She said yes in 2012 and she’s continued to say yes for the past 4 years. She is an amazing and incredible woman.

Melissa Martini

She’s sweet and she’s an amazing hostess to our group on a regular basis. Melissa is creative and kind and spreads love and encouragement to everyone. She has the best laugh and loves children. Another wonderful and powerful woman in our community.

Kay Slater

Kay is an amazing woman who recognizes the importance of being a strong advocate. She finds the time to say yes to everything important and is a cheerful and delightful person. She knows what matters and goes the distance. Kay will make you smile any time you have the pleasure of being around her and she’ll make you want to do more.

Sally Kate Tinch

Sally Kate is love. From the moment I met her, I knew I wanted to keep her close. She is the happy person and presence you want around you always. An advocate for all things good and right in our world and she brings peace, love, and light wherever she goes. She’s also clever and hilarious to be around.

Toni Trebilcock

Toni is a strong woman and truly an individual who demonstrates what we should all strive to mirror. She and her team of retired educators are always the amazing advocates who show up in force to get things done. She’s pleasant and sweet and we are lucky to have her. Truly a formidable woman.

Jeff Yeager

Our stand up guy for kids and education. Jeff has the biggest heart, knows how important education is, recognizes the importance of our work and is an all around amazing man. He is another wonderful friend and spectacularly brilliant person. Jeffco is lucky to have a man like Jeff who makes standing up for our children a priority.

Phyllis Writz

Phyllis is one of the kindest and sweetest ladies you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. After a career serving our children, she continues to be a powerhouse advocate who shows up for everything and always puts our children first. Phyllis always makes everyone smile.

Nina Banks

Our newest volunteer coordinator (as of just a few days ago!) Nina has been one of the strongest supporters and advocates over the past 3 years and volunteers for nearly everything. She’s full of love and gives everyone hope for the future. Nina is simply amazing and one of the best friends you could ever have the pleasure of working with. She makes the days brighter.

Bobbi Sanchez

Bobbi is quiet and sweet but one of the most fabulous women in our county. Her dazzling smile and kind heart make you instantly love her. She’s strong and so intelligent. Bobbi is someone you just want to spend forever talking with or just being around.

Michele Patterson

One of my best friends ever. Michele is an advocate who can never be matched. She has a heart of gold and wants to help everyone and make the world a better place and she has. If you’re going to be in trenches, this is the lady you want to be friends with. She’s clever, brilliant, creative and one of the most powerful child advocates the state has ever seen. She also adds humor to every situation and demonstrates more strength than anyone ever should have to show.

Jonna Levine

Jonna has been a leader in Jeffco for more years than anyone. She is a woman who clearly talks the talk, but more importantly, walks the walk. I’m grateful for her resourcefulness, connections, intelligence, partnership, collaboration, organization, and focus. Most importantly, I’m grateful for her friendship. I don’t know anyone as incredible as Jonna. She’s the most amazing hostess who organizes nearly all of our meetings and she dazzles all of us with those skills. Jonna will knock on doors until she’s injured and then will finish her walk before she heads to urgent care and STILL show up to wave signs and go to meetings with bruising so bad it makes you want to faint.

She’s my hero and she’s been the advocate who never slowed down and never quit. She’s also hilarious and the person you can always count on to do the right thing and keep things going. People will never understand the force that Jonna really is or what an incredibly wonderful person she is. She works 24/7 for our children. Jonna is the heart and soul of Jeffco and our children have always been her focus. I’m lucky to call her a friend, one of my best friends, and we’re all lucky to have Jonna still advocating for our children.


Thanks to all of you!

You make the world a better place.

Together, we Support Jeffco Kids!