SJK Testimony to Joint Budget Committee

Support Jeffco Kids provided testimony to the Joint Budget Committee on Monday, February 3rd. Here’s a copy of our testimony, we hope you will advocate with us.


TO: Members of the Joint Budget Committee

We are Co-Chairs/Co-Founders of Support Jeffco Kids.  Our focus is on the importance of supporting public education for ALL 86,000 plus kids in Jeffco, the 2nd largest school district in the state.

We appreciate this opportunity to share with the Committee what we believe should be priorities, as you seek to take on the very difficult task of determining how our state’s limited resources should be distributed.

As a reminder, while our state struggles to buy down the Budget Stabilization Factor of over half a billion dollars owed to our schools and students, 900,000 public school students continue to wait and endure the shortage of resources, oversized classrooms, and crumbling facilities that have continued to exist since the Great Recession.

Support Jeffco Kids has been a proud member of the Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition since its inception, three plus years ago.  This diverse and inclusive coalition created and put Amendment 73 on the ballot in 2018.   As a member of the coalition, we are very vested in the principles that continue to guide this coalition and would like to reiterate those here, as we feel they are core to our own beliefs and what we seek to accomplish in the interest of our own Jeffco community,

First and foremost, we believe any future bills and policies that provide for additional funding for Colorado P-12 public education needs to be clearly designated that all public taxpayer dollars support public schools.

Secondly, it is also vital that funding be directed towards an adequate, equitable, and (most importantly) a sustainable funding solution; and proposals or legislation generating additional allocations do not take away from an existing program serving other students.

We know we must work together for any long-term meaningful solution, and we are eager to participate as a partner to make that happen.

Thank you for your attention, for your service, and for doing all you can to create a budget that reflects the importance of investing in the future.

Jonna Levine & Shawna Fritzler
Co-Chairs/Co-Founders of Support Jeffco Kids