SJK Supporters Request Communication with Westminster City Council

We sent the letter below (via email) to the Jeffco Board of Education, Jeffco Schools Superintendent Dan McMinimee, Jeffco Chief Operating Officer Steve Bell, and the Arvada City Council and City Manager.   At the request of Support Jeffco Kids supporters, we are sharing this with you as you consider needs in Westminster that may require a similar community forum for those Jeffco parents who currently reside in the Westminster area, Westminster community members, and potential Westminster homeowners.  At the very least, you may find it beneficial to attend any forum hosted by the school board/district and City of Arvada to learn what decision may be made or by what parameters.
We’d like to point out, some of the schools affected, such as Wayne Carle Middle School, where Meiklejohn students will attend, is in Westminster. 
Additionally, as Westminster City Council representative Bruce Baker has previously pointed out, included in the plans for the former Westminster Mall space is a plan for residential development. Those students will also attend Jeffco Schools.  
As the issue of accommodating new students as a result of the population growth in the NW Arvada area becomes more urgent, options the Jeffco Board of Ed will be considering may include redrawing boundaries (see pages 34 & 35 of the link below).   We believe it would be remiss of Westminster city officials not to be proactive in learning how the school district will address these issues.
 Facilities Presentation to Board of Ed August 23, 2014 (see page 17 – North Elementary School utilization & enrollment change map)
Support Jeffco Kids
Shawna Fritzler & Jonna Levin
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:00 PM
Subject: Request for Community Forum on Overcrowding situation in NW Arvada

February 17, 2015
Jeffco Board of Education:
Julie Williams 
Les Dahlkemper
Jeffco Superintendent McMinimee
Jeffco C.O.O. Steve Bell
Arvada City Manager M. Deven
Arvada City Council
Mayor M. Williams
City Council members:
M. McGoff
J. Marriott
J. Marks
D. Allard
B. Fifer
B. Dyer
In the interest of transparency, accountability, and open community engagement; and on behalf of the students and their families, potential Arvada homeowners, and the taxpayers of Jefferson County, especially those residents of the Northwest corridor of Jefferson County, Support Jeffco Kids is requesting an open community forum in the Northwest Arvada area to share information on how the new growth will impact our public schools and our community in this area.  We understand district staff has met with parents from Westwoods Elementary and Meiklejohn Elementary, but we believe there needs to be more open dialogue inclusive of the community members as well as parents in nearby schools impacted by the growth and district decisions.
It is important the community have an opportunity to hear directly from district leadership about what options are seriously being considered; when the board will make a decision; and what the board will base their decision on.  To allow for full disclosure, this process needs to allow for questions from parents and residents to board members, district leadership, and Arvada city officials.  
Support Jeffco Kids
Shawna Fritzler & Jonna Levine