SJK Junior on #YesonAmendment73

SJK Jr, also known to some as Morgan, showed me a school assignment late one evening. Her government teacher gave her this assignment:

“Think about the problems facing your community, your country, or the world. Then choose one issue or problem that you feel strongly about. Write a short paragraph explaining why this is a problem. Back up your argument with at least one or two facts. Now develop a plan of action to address the issue. Include in your plan of action at least two of the forms of civic participation you learned about.”

SJK Jr’s paragraph:

“One problem impacting the community today is that teachers are not being paid what they should. This issue is close to home since my mom is a huge advocate for public schools and is working on passing Amendment 73. This is an issue because teachers are not getting paid enough, causing them to have to take on multiple jobs in order to support their family. In fact, teachers in Jeffco make salaries that are below the national average. My plan of action is to pass Amendment 73 in order to increase statewide funding. Electoral specialists would encourage people to vote in order to get it passed and civil specialists would work to join organizations in order to raise money for the campaign.”

Be still my heart!