SJK Is Not Gathering Signatures

Today we received the following email and want to make it clear that Support Jeffco Kids is not gathering signatures and is not a part of any signature gathering process or petition.  Further, we have not endorsed or recommended any petition that is circulating or asked anyone to sign any of the petitions that we have heard are circulating.  We have responded to this individual but have not yet heard back as to whether our name was misrepresented or she misunderstood what was being asked of her.


Support Jeffco Kids will inform our followers if we have any such actions taking place and would invite everyone to participate publicly.  We do NOT have any paid employees.  All individuals within our organization are volunteers and receive no payment for participating.  We invite everyone to follow, read the information we put out, sign-up for our upcoming newsletter, and are seeking additional volunteers, but we are NOT gathering signatures in any way.  We are delighted to say that we are a 100% grassroots volunteer entity.  100% of all donations go toward actions that support our mission.


From: Name removed by SJK

Subject: Stanley Lake Library [SIC, not corrected]

Message Body:
I was trying to walk into Stanley Lake library on June 24 and I was accosted by a homeless looking man who was gathering signatures for your group. I told him I did not want to participate and he continued to verbally harass me until I entered the building. I reported him to the library manager and when I left the building he continued his harassment. I don't know who you are hiring for your campaigns but maybe you should try to find individuals who are more professional and respectful. Your message will be lost if it continues to come from hateful, disrespecful and homeless looking individuals.



Again, just to be clear, Support Jeffco Kids is NOT participating in any signature gathering effort.  Should you hear our name being used in such a way, please contact us at and let us know.  We would appreciate anyone and everyone sharing this information!


Thank you!