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July 22

Jeff Bryant: A Battle for the Future of Public Education in Jefferson County, Colorado

Diane Ravitch’s blog

“Parents Fight Conservative Zealots and Charter School Advocates For Control of Their Kids’ Education” originally dated July 1, 2015

“The Disturbing Forces Behind a School “Reform” Fight in Colorado” originally dated July 1, 2015


Excerpts from Diane Ravitch’s Blog:

What is also true about Jeffco is that the story unfolding here is one that is recurring across the country, as community after community becomes mired in debates about who gets to call the shots in education systems strained by unending financial austerity and an unremitting “reform” agenda whose intent is unclear to the people in its way….  Who’s Messin’ With Jeffco?  …

One belief most in dispute in Jeffco is the role of community voice in running the schools. That issue is especially central to the parent-led house parties. Shawna Fritzler and Jonna Levine are two Jeffco parents who often lead those events. In some respects, they’re a collaboration of opposites. …  So instead of tearing things down, what would Fritzler like to see instead? … “I want my school back,” she answers. “This is our community. We could leave if we want. But these are our schools.” … Levine adds, “They look at school governance like it’s a business decision. But it’s not a business decision. You can’t run a school district like a business … I want a board willing to treat community as partners. They go through the motions of doing this but they don’t do it….”


Aug 6

Support Jeffco Kids files complaint over domain name use

Nelson Garcia, KUSA,


An April 2015 Article from Westword,


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