SJK Files Complaints

Support Jeffco Kids has grown considerably since beginning in January of 2014.

Thanks to thousands of followers and volunteers, we have been able to achieve amazing things working as a community and building a very strong grassroots network to support our children.

When SJK learned that the .com of our name and established website had been purchased and rerouted to another organization that has been soliciting donations and who support the very things that we oppose, we were very bothered that people would try to mislead the public in this way and to solicit donations that were intended to help our organization.

SJK decided to take action and has now filed complaints with the Secretary of State, District Attorney’s Office, and the Colorado Attorney General. We are sharing that complaint with you here and ask that you share this to ensure that your friends know who we are and how to find us, the real Support Jeffco Kids!

We are the Co-Chairs of a Section 501(c)(4) Colorado nonprofit corporation dedicated to community education and advocacy on issues pertinent to the public schools in Jefferson County. The name of our organization is Support Jeffco Kids.

In furtherance of our mission, we acquired a domain name for our internet website – We have recently discovered that another organization – Jeffco Students First – has acquired and is using a confusingly similar and virtually identical domain name ( which immediately redirects viewers to its own separate and distinct website. On its website, Jeffco Students First – which holds itself out as a Section 501(c)(3) charity – espouses views and positions completely antithetical to those of Support Jeffco Kids, and dishonestly solicits charitable donations from viewers who believed they were accessing Support Jeffco Kids’ website.

The actions of Jeffco Students First directly violate C.R.S. §6-16-111 of the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act, and constitute “charitable fraud” as defined in that Act. Jeffco Students First is utilizing the name of our organization without our permission as a conduit for its own solicitations, is deliberately suggesting a false affiliation with our organization, is engaging in charitable solicitations under false pretenses and with an indisputable intent to defraud potential donors, and is representing by its use of our name that it has some level of approval, sponsorship, affiliation, or connection with our organization. Please see C.R.S. §6-16-111(1)(b), (c), (d), (g), and (l).

Additionally, as far as we can tell, Jeffco Students First has not obtained a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service, and may be falsely representing to its donors that their contributions to that organization are tax deductible – a further violation of C.R.S. §6-16-111(1)(h).

As you are aware, violations of C.R.S. §6-16-111(1)(b), (c), (d), and (g) all constitute class 5 felonies, violations of subsections (1)(h) and (l) constitute criminal misdemeanors, and all of these acts constitute deceptive trade practices under the Colorado Consumer Protection Code.

We respectfully request your assistance in initiating all appropriate legal action to protect our community from the ongoing fraudulent abuse of Colorado’s charitable solicitation laws being perpetrated by Jeffco Students First and those associated with it.

Shawna Fritzler and Jonna Levine
Co-Chairs, Support Jeffco Kids

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