SJK Endorses State Representative Monica Duran

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Monica Duran, State Representative, House District 24

Responses from Representative Monica Duran are below:

“I will continue to advocate and support  all legislation that strengthens and helps  funding of our public schools, lifting our kids up to set them up for success and raising our teachers pay. And I will continue to visit our schools and keep communication open.”

“I have worked really hard to advocate and support legislation that helps our public schools. I co-sponsored SB19-246,SB19-207,SB19-1262, that addressed public school financing, SB19-199 READ Act Implementation Measures, and HB20-1128 Educator Education Requirements just to name a few. I have also found it very important to personal visit as many schools in my district as I can to meet with teachers, students and listen to their challenges, needs, successes, and how I can best represent them. I find these meetings the most rewarding.”