SJK Endorses State Representative Brianna Titone

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Brianna Titone, State Representative, House District 27

Responses from Representative Brianna Titone are below:

“I have been working on showing support to schools through participation in activities at the schools, like the Political Science fair, visiting schools for tours, and visiting GSA clubs in schools.It’s important for LGBTQ+ kids to see role models that they can aspire to. They need that extra motivation to overcome their struggles. I would like for more schools to contact me so I can arrange visits with them.”

“Public schools are very important for community. They are our meeting places, event centers, food suppliers, and knowledge makers.  To me, one of the most important places in our communities are schools. They are there for the people just as much as any public resource is. They attract the best teachers, they foster more diversity, and often have better amenities. The public can take more ownership of their public schools.”