SJK Endorses School Board Candidates Joan Chavez-Lee and Stephanie Schooley

SJK is pleased to endorse Stephanie Schooley for District 3, Jeffco School Board.

Stephanie has long been a leader in her elementary school PTA and articulation area, helping and advocating for her community when Stober was announced on the potential closure list in 2016.

“Stephanie has worked in the education field since 1998, first through a nonprofit in Northwest Denver, then through Denver Public Schools and the Colorado Department of Education. For the past 18 years Stephanie has worked at Campus Compact of the Mountain West, a higher education civic and community engagement nonprofit dedicated to elevating the public good purposes of colleges and universities. Through Campus Compact, Stephanie has brought together institutions of higher education, K-12 schools, community organizations, and municipalities to create pathways for engaging students with local communities.”

SJK is pleased to endorse Joan Chavez-Lee for District 4, Jeffco School Board.

Joan has experience as a Jeffco parent, teacher, principal and grandparent. She knows the “importance of positive, productive, and respectful relationships between all members of our school communities.”

​”I have strong roots in the Two Creeks neighborhood where Molholm Elementary School serves as a community hub. At Molholm I was a parent, tutor, student teacher, teacher, assistant principal, and principal. I raised my family in the Two Creeks neighborhood and board horses on my property. During my Jeffco career I also taught at Lumberg and Stein Elementary Schools. I was the Principal at Russell Elementary School and Wheat Ridge Middle School. I earned my B.A. in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a M.A. in Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Colorado, Denver.”


  • Both candidates have substantial experience in education and support public education.
  • Both candidates have served and participated on district committees.
  • Both candidates have been to school board meetings.
  • Both candidates have been advocates for children.
  • Both candidates have served their communities as volunteers.
  • Both candidates have demonstrated leadership through their roles in PTA.
  • Both candidates have been positively engaged in Jeffco Schools in the past, present, and will be in the future as well.


Quotes from the candidate forum:

Why are you running for school board?
Stephanie Schooley: “Running for the board of education is really the culmination of lived experience that has really translated a core value for me, which is educational equity into action through the course of my life. My experiences in Denver Public Schools encouraged me to think deeply about what are the ways in which our communities voices are included in district level decision making. How do we make sure that equity is present and at the table when we are making big decisions that affect the lives of tens of thousands of children.”
Joan Chavez-Lee – “I have been a teacher, a principal, a Jeffco Parent and now I am a really proud Jeffco Grandparent. I believe I have the skills necessary in terms of what I have done with my career to be an asset to the Jefferson County School Board. I first got involved with Jeffco schools in 1987 when my daughter started kindergarten. I learned quickly what a quality education is, as well as how important community connection are to a school. I am a strong believer in public schools  I know that Jeffco has a history of really working to solve problems within the schools as well as providing choices for our parents and kids.”
School Funding:
Chavez-Lee – “Funding in Colorado is not at the level it needs to be. It is incredible to me to learn that in the 80’s, Colorado’s per pupil funding was above the national average. Now, it is $2700 below the national average and $8000 below Wyoming. For us to keep a high-quality teaching force, we need to fix this problem. We know that teachers don’t make enough money to be able to afford decent housing in some of our communities. Adjusting budgets is not enough. We need to fix inadequate funding.”
Schooley: “Budgets are a statement of values. When we create a budget we fund things that are important to us. I think that in a State like Colorado where we constantly appear in the top of lists nationally for wealth we should at least hit the median for K-12 education funding. We are in a state that consistently appears in the bottom of the list nationally for per pupil funding and teacher pay we should work tirelessly to collaborate with out elected officials to make the case for why K-12 funding is so critically important for the economic and civic health of our state.”

We strongly encourage you to visit their websites, endorse them, volunteer for them, and donate to them.