SJK Endorses Lauren Simpson for Arvada City Council, District 2

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Lauren Simpson for Arvada City Council, District 2!

Responses from Lauren Simpson are below:

“The Safe2Tell program is critical for the physical, mental and emotional health of our kids and teens. Incorporating it into the state government will provide it the long-term guarantee of resources, staffing and stability that it needs so that our children can be assured of its efficacy and durability.”

“In terms of how I could support from Arvada City Council, I’d like to work closely with the school board and education activists to ensure that a variety of tools, including text messaging, are available in every single school for kids to reach help. No kid is the same, and we don’t want to jeopardize their safety or re-traumatize them by forcing them to use a method to tell that they are uncomfortable with. As such we need a full (age-appropriate) ‘toolkit’ in every Arvada school to maximize effectiveness and reach of the program, and I’m committed to working with community, city and state partners ensure every school has what they need.”

“As the mother of a young child that is soon to enter Jeffco Public Schools, I have a personal stake in seeing them succeed. I have a personal investment in seeing that Tabitha’s teachers and administrators are getting the support that they need so that they in turn can support her and nurture her in ways that I cannot. We all have our role to play to support public schools, and I am committed to working hand-in-hand with our educators for strong public schools. That’s a promised I make to Tabitha and all the other children of Arvada too.”