SJK Endorses Kimberly Brock for Golden City Council, District 1

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Kimberly Brock for Golden City Council, District 1!

Responses from Kimberly Brock are below:

“Public schools are the heart of their neighborhoods. Public Education assures that all children are provided the basic building blocks for a productive life and role in society. It is our moral and civic responsibility to ensure that all students have access to public education. Supporting Public Education builds better communities because it helps to build better people.”

“I will advocate to continue all City Grant programs that provide financial support to our Golden schools, as well as seeking out more opportunities for the City and their departments to continue supporting and providing educational programs and field trips for our schools. Hands on opportunities for Civic Lessons are impactful for students. In addition, I will continue to advocate for our schools when it comes to building and infrastructure issues that may impacts our schools.”