SJK Endorses Dana Gutwein for Lakewood City Council, Ward 5

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Dana Gutwein for Lakewood City Council, Ward 5!

Responses from Dana Gutwein are below:

“I’m a public school graduate, and the public schools education I received opened doors for me to eventually become a female engineer.  Having teachers – math and science teachers- who believed in me and helped foster the belief that I could do it was critical to me following this path.  My two children are Jeffco Public School kids, and they are the most important thing to me in this world.  Whatever happens to our schools impacts my kids, it is not a game to me. It is not a place to play politics. It’s our kids’- all of our kids’ future.  I helped get City Council to write a letter of support in favor of 3a/3b (and before that 5a/5b), and was knocking doors, making calls, in the front lines with all of you.  I have voted in favor of funding for Outdoor Lab, and helped organize around this issue to ensure it passed. I am just one of many in this incredible Jeffco Community that tries to do everything we can to support our public schools, to keep our public schools public, to ensure we pay our teachers fairly, to ensure every kid in Jefferson County has access to a world class education.”