SJK Endorses Candidates 2019

SJK is pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2019 election.

These are the candidates who support public education. SJK does dual endorsements on the occasion when more than one candidate is a strong supporter of public education. This list will be updated regularly.


Jeffco School Board, District 3:

Stephanie Schooley for District 3, Jeffco School Board.

Jeffco School Board, District 4:

Joan Chavez-Lee for District 4, Jeffco School Board




Wheat Ridge:


Looking For An Endorsement?

2019 Candidates, we looking forward to endorsing candidates who Support Jeffco Kids!

To receive our endorsement,  you must answer the questionnaire for 2019 here. While we don’t share your entire responses, we do share a sentence or two to feature your sentiment to our community!

2019 Candidate Questionnaire

Supporting all kids in Jefferson County Colorado