SJK Endorses Alexis King for District Attorney, 1st Judicial District

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Alexis King, for District Attorney for the First Judicial District (Jeffco & Gilpin)

Responses from Alexis King are below:

“During my ten years as Deputy District Attorney here in the First Judicial District, I saw how Safe2Tell opened a channel for kids to share information about struggling students and dangerous situations.  I have seen Safe2Tell mitigate harm first hand.  I will offer up my support of Safe2Tell at the Legislature and beyond to ensure children have an effective way to reach out for help in our community.”

“If you believe in equity and the power of education to transform lives, public schools are essential.  Beyond the individual, an educated electorate is essential for our society.  I am a product of Colorado’s public K12 schools.”