Sign the Petition – Let’s NOT Shortchange our Kids!

SJK is a proud member of the Great Schools Thriving Communities coalition (the group who brought you Amendment 73), we continue to work on education funding issues in Colorado.

Our respective members recently met, concerned that the significant drop in enrollment from the October Count will have an unprecedented impact on school funding as the Colorado Joint Budget Committee begins work this Friday, the 15th on the K-12 supplemental.

Please read on, sign the petition and share.  There is some urgency in that as we mentioned above, the Joint Budget Committee begins its work on K-12 Supplementals this Friday.

Let’s not shortchange our kids.

With pandemic conditions changing day to day, parents need to feel confident that students and teachers can be safe and successful, whether education is happening at home or in school.  That means we need more investment in schools, not less.

Normally at this time of year, the legislature reduces funding for districts if their October Count enrollment is lower than was expected when the state budget was passed.  But these are not normal times.  With COVID, enrollment is down but needs are skyrocketing. After what they’ve been through, our kids can’t afford to lose any resources, opportunities, or support!

Sign our petition to tell our legislators: Now is NOT the time to Cut!

Great Schools Thriving Communities (GSTC) –

We ask legislators working on education legislation to consider: 

  • Is it Equitable? 
  • Is it Adequate? 
  • Is it Sustainable? 
  • Will the funds from the initiative that take away from an existing program serving other students?
  • Is it an unfunded mandate?