Shawna’s Public Comment

As promised, we are posting the public comment that Jonna and I gave Thursday night. The rules for the evening were that you could not stand with more than one group. While Jonna and I make it clear that we always stand together, we were separated by the rules of the evening.

We are grateful to all of you who stood with us. Thank you for waiting so long to help give us this opportunity!

You can watch our back to back comments via the Board recording beginning at about 4:06 in the video:


Here is the public comment given by Shawna:

On Tuesday, there were reporters here from the United Kingdom. There have been eyes on Jeffco from across the nation as well as the world. It’s time for Jeffco Schools to continue it’s tradition of excellence and distance itself from partisan politics. No more agendas, no more sides. Let’s work toward collaboration once again. Let’s focus on discussions and active listening to everyone.

As a community, we have come together to put the focus back on our children. As outgoing board members, you have the unique opportunity to help mend the division that was created. I can certainly recognize that this is not easy on any of you, but if you truly value our children and our schools and want the best for them, it’s up to you to help walk across the lines in the sand and extend your hearts and hands to the entire community. Please help end the rhetoric of union bosses and liberal agendas, they don’t exist and that hurtful rhetoric impacts our staff which impacts our children.


Teachers are not and never have been the enemy. As parents, we leave our children in the care of these people every day. We know they care, we know they love our children whether they are members of their association or not.


As a community, we gathered from all sides of the political spectrum to take back the focus. Let’s save the politics for the Presidential campaigns where we have the freedom to turn off the commercials and delete the emails. We didn’t have that ability as parents looking out for our children.


The Jeffco staff has done an amazing job keeping the focus on our kids and serving them. We can easily return to that focus and as a community we can support this together.


Mr. McMinimee, you can get rid of the PR firm and its leadership who have directly attacked parents on social media and you alone can change the atmosphere as the leader of our district. I told you more than a year ago that I was glad that you were taking the time to talk with anyone in the community. As you know, I CORAd your schedule over the past year and I do have some concerns with your private meetings with some board members in the parking lot of The Fort as well as one on one meetings at restaurants far away from the ED Center.


I call on you to meet with more than one board member at a time for transparency and to always do so in your office here at the Ed Center. I call on you to join the PTA, of which more than 13,000 parents and staff in our district are members. I am asking that you refrain from doing any more conservative radio talk shows. For the remainder of the year, I am calling you to not attend ANY political party meeting. I am calling on you to attend every steering meeting and committee meeting and show that you are willing to engage EVERY person in those rooms. I am also calling on you to END your meetings with individuals from the Independence Institute.


Whether it was your choice, or not, to make the hiring decisions in the communications department, I am calling on you now to correct this so the community can go forward and begin to have trust in the district again.


This is about kids and I am counting on you to make this change so we can again put our trust in the leadership of this district. I’ll be watching. We will all be watching.


We need great leadership and you need the community.