School Safety and PERA Update from Senator Andy Kerr

Senator Andy Kerr, who really Supports Jeffco Kids, shared a couple items we want to bring to your attention:

The first is regarding PERA, one of the reasons our education staff is taking personal days to head to the Capitol:


After passing the Senate on a party-line vote (all D’s voted “no”), the House heard SB18-200 in the Finance Committee on Monday, April 16th. Several amendments were successfully adopted by the committee and it will now head to the House Appropriations Committee. The amendments are as follows:

  • Elimination of the defined contribution expansion and defined contribution supplement, this does not eliminate defined contribution for employees of the state division who can currently choose it.
  • In lieu of employee and employer contributions, the creation of an annual direct distribution from the General Fund to help pay down PERA’s unfunded liability, which will be 2.7% of payroll in 2018 ($225 million, the amount Joint Budget Committee set aside for PERA) and will increase to 3.0% of payroll in 2019 and beyond. These direct distributions will continue until PERA is fully funded.
  • Elimination of the employee contribution increase
  • Reduction of the eligible retirement age from 65 to 60 for the School and DPS divisions, it is currently 58.
  • Reduction in the Highest Average Salary (HAS) calculation from 7 years to 5 years (Currently at 3 years but Senate raised to 7).
  • Elimination of the full-time equivalent service year calculation.
  • Narrows the Net-to-Gross contribution changes to new employees only.

If the bill as amended by the House Finance Committee passes the House it will still need to go to Conference Committee which may or may not include all of the above amendments. 


The second is information regarding a Town Hall on safety which we believe many of you are interested in. We are delighted to see that our Jeffco Security staff have been included in this discussion, as the subject matter experts for Jeffco:


April 21, 2018

Come to my monthly Town Hall this Saturday, April 21st, co-hosted by Senator Cheri Jahn, Representative Chris Kennedy, and Representative Brittany Pettersen at the West Metro Fire Protection District Headquarters, located at 433 South Allison Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226. This month we will be discussing school safety. We will be joined by John McDonald (Head of JeffCo Schools Security), John Hunt (Lakewood School Resources Officer) and students from #NeverAgain Jeffco. Join us!