School Safety Advocacy Time!

School Safety


From the article from the Denver Business Journal (see link above):

“Schools in Colorado rank as the second-best in the U.S., trailing only Massachusetts, according to a new report.”
“WalletHub said it compared the quality of state school systems by using 13 metrics including student-teacher ratios, standardized test scores and dropout rates, in its “States with the Best and Worst School Systems” report.”

“Colorado ranked No. 1 nationally in the report’s “school-system quality” rank but ranked way down at No. 47 on the “safety” rank.”


This is a HUGE concern! Colorado isn’t properly funding public education and the mandates have increased substantially. Last year, Jeffco Public Schools even proposed removing social workers in the middle of the year. This is NOT okay for our children!
School Safety is an item on the Board Meeting agenda this week –$file/EL%2012%20MR%20for%202015.pdf
It is time to consider properly investing in school safety for our Jeffco kids!  Cuts to social workers is not acceptable at a time when increased mental health support is the recommendation from experts!

But it was proposed in Jeffco last year!

It should also be noted that Julie Williams has an advertisement on television costing approximately $300,000! In this politcal ad, she claims her high school child has been bullied in Jeffco Schools since he started school. SURELY she filed claims and addressed this bullying issue with her principals at some point over the elementary, middle school, or high school years and will fully support funding school safety at a much higher rate.

Our children are worth and deserve this investment!

Time to advocate, Jeffco! Send an email to your board members to fund school safety!