School Board – What’s Next?

We’ve told you who we endorse.

SJK Endorses School Board Candidates Joan Chavez-Lee and Stephanie Schooley

We know you care about what happens and don’t want Jeffco to experience a repeat of the 2013 election that led to two years of nonstop nonsense, hidden agendas, transparency violations, threats, and a mass exodus of our education staff leading up to the November 2015 recall.

How can you help? The most effective way is go for a walk, knock, and talk with the endorsed candidates.

Here are the volunteer dates that should be on your calendar! Pick one or do them all.  It only matters that you join in!

EVERY Monday-Thursday 4PM
Campaign HQ, 7510 W. Mississippi Ave. 2nd Floor, NW Corner
Saturday, October 5th 10AM & 2PM
Chaucer Park in Littleton (W Meadows Dr & W Vista View Dr)
Saturday, October 12th 10AM & 2PM
Sunset Park in Lakewood (12th Ave & Miller St)
Saturday, October 19th 10AM & 2PM
Nottingham Park in Arvada (87th Dr & Allison St)
Saturday, October 26th 10AM & 2PM
Sunset Park in Lakewood (12th Ave & Miller St)

It’s easy, decent exercise, and even more fun if you bring a friend to walk with. We promise!