SB19-128, Restoring $12 Million?

Great Education noted something of particular interest to us in their last newsletter:

Joint Budget Committee Supplemental Bill


The Joint Budget Committee put forward their supplemental bill, SB19-128, which adjusts the current year’s School Finance Act to account for actual (instead of predicted) student counts and local property tax revenue. Because there were fewer students than anticipated, less high-risk students than originally thought, and local property taxes brought in more revenue than expected, the JBC amended the budget for this year to reduce the amount of state funds dedicated to School Finance by $77 million.

As written, the bill would have actually reduced average per pupil funding. On Thursday, Representative Cathy Kipp passed an amendment to this bill through the House that maintains the per pupil funding level and restores $12 million to districts. This week this amendment will go back to the Joint Budget Committee where legislators will decide whether to accept the bill with Rep. Kipp’s amendment, or whether the bill will go to conference.

Thank you to the House of Representatives!

A big thank you to the House of Representatives for standing up for public education funding this week! When Representative Kipp ran her amendment to the JBC’s supplemental bill to keep per pupil funding at the same rate and restore $12 million to school districts, the House stood behind her as they voted it in almost unanimously. Thank you to @Cathy_Kipp and our representatives for keeping our public school funding at the forefront of your priorities!


We are watching SB19-128 closely. Here’s the current Bill History from the Colorado General Assembly website:

Bill History

02/19/2019 Senate Senate Considered House Amendments – Result was to Laid Over Daily
02/15/2019 House House Third Reading Passed – No Amendments
02/14/2019 House House Second Reading Passed with Amendments – Floor
02/12/2019 House House Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
02/08/2019 House Introduced In House – Assigned to Appropriations
02/07/2019 Senate Senate Third Reading Passed – No Amendments
02/06/2019 Senate Senate Second Reading Special Order – Passed – No Amendments
02/05/2019 Senate Senate Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended – Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole
02/04/2019 Senate Introduced In Senate – Assigned to Appropriations