Saying thank you, but not goodbye

Amanda Stevens and Ali Lasell participated in their last Jeffco school board business meeting November 7th.   They have a study session left to attend, but the 7th was their last business meeting before our two new board members take their oath of office (currently scheduled for December 2nd).

We (Shawna and Jonna) are proud of our long association with both ladies.  We knew them both well before they made the life-changing decision to run for school board.  Jeffco is lucky Amanda and Ali are the good people they are, and were willing to put their lives on hold to step in and help right the ship when Jeffco Schools had taken a very troubling turn.

They endured a campaign unlike any other because our community was in the process of recalling 3 board members (whose seats were, thankfully, filled by Mitchell, Rupert, and Harmon).  Amanda and Ali were running to fill seats vacated by two of our district’s heroes:  Jill Fellman and Lesley Dahlkemper, so they had some really big shoes to fill.  And neither lady backed away from the challenge of doing just that.

Both Amanda and Ali (along with new board members Rupert, Harmon, and Mitchell) embraced the huge undertaking of not just learning about being a school board member and what’s required of them by law, but they had to help repair a seriously torn district; rebuild employee trust, and re-establish the faith of many parents and community members who had been disenfranchised by the recalled board majority.  They sought to reachout to school communities, employee associations, and community and business organizations to listen and learn about what was needed to make Jeffco whole again.

Always ethical, and always respectful of staff and community, and fellow board members.  They can leave their seats knowing they’ve left their imprint (in a good way) with many successes (too many to list), including hiring our superintendent, Dr. Jason Glass.

When they took office, both Amanda and Ali had young kids in elementary school (Jeffco neighborhood schools); their personal sacrifice, we are sure were many, including missing precious moments during their 4 years in office from their families.  Ali had her own personal hell of fighting cancer during her term.

What strong women these two are! 

Thank you just doesn’t cover it, but it is all we have.   We have that, and to ask our community not to let Amanda’s and Ali’s good work be in vain.  We’d like to ask you all to join us in not just saying thank you, but committing to stay engaged to ensure Jeffco continues on the path Amanda and Ali have worked so hard to set us on.

Thank you Amanda and Ali.