Saving Dollars

Continuing efforts by the district to save dollars.

Jeffco Schools’ staff are always looking for more ways to save taxpayers dollars without having a negative impact on students and what goes on in the classroom.

At the May 4th Board Meeting, the Board of Education recognized five Jeffco schools that won this past October’s 19 day ReNew Our Schools competition, administered by the Center for Resource Conservation.

During the competition, twelve schools reduced their electricity consumption by 112,000 kilowatt-hours or 16%, and saved the district $13,000.

First place winners of the competition earn a prize of $18,000. Second place winners receive $12,000 (a private donor funds the competition.)

The winnings must go toward either energy efficient upgrades or onsite renewables at the schools.

Honorees were:

Little Elementary and West Woods Elementary schools in the elementary cohort; West Jefferson and Creighton middle schools, and Ralston Valley High School in the secondary cohort. 

These schools have all committed to continuing their energy saving efforts in the future, three of them are currently competing in the district’s internally run energy saving competitions within Jeffco.

Here are a few more quick facts about Jeffco’s Conservation Efforts:

Annually, 6% of Jeffco’s electricity comes from solar panels placed on thirty District building roofs (through a Power Purchase Agreement.)

Annual water usage from FY 2012 to 2016 saw a steady drop of 38% consumption.

Jeffco has made practice of installing high efficiency boilers when possible.

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