Sarah, A Columbine Rebel

Dear Jefferson County School Board,


Hello, my name is Sarah McManus and I am the graduate of a Jefferson County Public School as well as the daughter of a teacher in the district. It has been noticed that you are all trying to change this district, and in my opinion, NOT for the better. 


The education I received from my thirteen years in Jefferson County has not only prepared me for life, but made my life in college much easier. I attended Columbine High School and during my four years there my teachers taught in a way that I would understand. Every teacher I had in Jefferson County went out of their way to ensure each and every student they had was grasping the material. Several teachers went as far as holding study sessions after school hours for anyone that needed an extra lesson.


Did those teachers get paid overtime? NO. These teachers are not in this profession for the money, they are in it to better the knowledge of future generations. Had some of these teachers decided to pursue other career paths, I can guarantee that I would not be doing what I am doing today. While attending Columbine, I took a class that allowed me to go to my former elementary school and be a class helper. These experiences made me want to become a teacher or work with children. This is the reason I was able to work as a summer camp counselor for the last two years. This opportunity allowed me to find a passion I did not know I had.


I am currently a junior at Metropolitan State University of Denver holding a grade point average of 3.4/4.0. I have studied abroad in Ireland and got to see the places I had only learned about. Where did I learn about the historic places I visited? That’s right, in the classrooms of Jefferson County Public Schools.  


The teachers I had made me not just learn, but visualize and dream about exploring places that held so much history, uncensored history at that. While I was on my study abroad, I met people from all over Europe as well as the United States. When talking with my peers from New York about our education, they did not know about some of the things I did. I was educating other Americans on history that I learned. Where did I learn it? That’s right, in the classrooms of Jefferson County Public Schools.


The teachers that are in your schools care about the kids they teach and do not deserve the treatment you are giving them. As a graduate of this district, I am disgusted by the actions you are trying to take against my teachers, mentors, friends, and most of all, my parent. If you think that these changes are for the better, you are sadly mistaken. Although I know my voice is a small one, I hope you choose to take this into consideration, because the voices of thousands of other graduates, current students, and most of all, teachers, is going to be much bigger than yours could ever dream of being.



Sarah McManus