Safety and Mental Health with 3A & 3B

A few weeks back, Shawna did a radio interview with Lora Cheadle on Flaunt regarding education, funding, and getting involved.

Here’s a link to listen –

Interestingly, Lora brought up an issue on the condition of our facilities and the rising depression and suicidal reports via Safe2Tell. This is something to seriously consider when we look at the facility needs being over $1.2 Billion.  3B covers some of our most pressing facility needs but not all of them.

However, this is something to think about. Aging and deteriorating buildings may very well have an impact on the mental as well as physical well-being of our children and staff. Spending all day in a building falling apart around you can’t be doing anything beneficial for those children. This happened just today – a desk that is so old that it collapsed when a student leaned on it.


There are tremendous resources in our community to deal with depression. Always consider reporting to Safe2Tell if you know a student in crisis.

However, if you’re a parent and are watching your own child or a friend struggle, visit

“Mental Health Colorado advocates for the more than one million Coloradans who experience a mental health or substance use disorder each year. We engage policymakers, providers, the public, and the press to promote early intervention, expand access to affordable services, and eradicate stigma and discrimination. Our efforts range from the Capitol to the classroom.”

They offer screenings to deal with all of the following!

Please don’t ever allow stigma to stop you from getting help for yourself, a friend, or a child.

3A also allows for more safety and mental health supports for our children in schools. Considering the number of Safe2Tell reports for students in crisis, we need to take this seriously. The lives of our children are impacted and worth an investment.

Please take a look at the resources we provide for you, share them, AND remember these facts and benefits to 3A & 3B.