Safety for Students

Safety and security investments in our schools are a necessity. Any parent with children in schools has heard of the drills our children learn from, lockdown and lockout procedures. This is our reality in 2016. Along with this need comes inadequate funding and a conversation that needs to happen in all districts but especially in Jeffco. Please consider this factor as an imperative need as we have an opportunity to make a difference with 3A and 3B.

A few of the items that will be addressed with 3A and 3B:

  • Updated classroom door locks as required by Colorado Fire Code and support the Reasonable Standard of Care under the Claire Davis Act (Senate Bill 213).  The locks will afford teachers and students that ability to Lockdown much faster in  a classroom in the event of an intruder in the building.
  • Perimeter Security Controls that will prevent an intruder from easy entry into elementary and middle schools.
  • A computer automated dispatch system to upgrade our emergency communications with first responders during a critical incident.  The current system is 15 years old and not sustainable.
  • Funding for the former Martenson Elementary to enhance student and community safety testing, training and evaluating best practice school safety programs.
  • Installing video surveillance systems in schools that have inadequate or no existing coverage.
  • Add three positions that will support student safety, threat assessment and campus security coverage.

Maintaining a safe environment where students can learn without worrying about being harmed is crucial. 

The children in our schools should not have to worry about being harmed while at school. The district is committed to protecting their safety and security, and a review of the facilities has identified high priority safety and security needs at our schools that can be funded by these ballot measures.