Return to Ethics

We call for a return to ethics from those who opposed 3A and 3B.

On November 1st, a Jeffco parent from Golden View Classical Academy and AFP volunteer, wrote a scathing YourHub article accusing individuals of supporting 3A and 3B only for personal gain.

Let’s first point out that the individual was ignorant of the fact that Citizens for Jeffco Schools did not just strongly support 3A & 3B, it actually is the legal entity running the campaign, along with hundreds of volunteers. It’s the entity that has done so for years and years, long before this individual had kids in school and came out of the woodwork.

Let’s also include the ignorance that accompanies the statement about donations occurring to the entity prior to the board voting to put the measure on the ballot. It’s a legal entity and that’s how this works in the State of Colorado. Preparing to start a campaign whether this year, next year, or two years from now requires financing. This individual is clearly ignorant of the laws in Colorado. Here’s a video that explains how campaigns must be run and why we have them in Colorado:


A campaign committee has the right to fundraise at any time and since the proposed budget for Colorado (released 11/1/2016) shows MORE cuts to education projected, volunteers and education advocates across the state are doing all they can to fundraise and help campaigns reach their goals. Because, bottom line, it IS about our kids! And it’s not a secret meeting to ask people to donate. That’s just silly. The conversation about funding has been going on for YEARS including at every board meeting since the beginning of time.

Now, let’s get to falsely accusing staff members of voting for their own gain. This is absolutely ridiculous and so very unethical. To state something like this when staff took a 3% pay CUT to keep the reductions in education funding away from our kids as much as possible AND while we pay 19% less than surrounding districts, is reprehensible. In case this person hasn’t noticed, our Jeffco staff actually DOES care about education and our kids. The fact that they donated to help out the volunteers of the campaign is generous and appreciated – at least from those of us who care about our kids getting the best education possible.

None of the organizations listed took money from the district, that’s their own personal money to do with as they please.

Finally, let’s specifically address the accusations against our VOLUNTEER campaign chair, Bill Bottoms. Bill has volunteered in the district for years, is a resident, parent of graduates, and grandparent of current Jeffco students. Philanthropy Experts is a FUNDRAISING company hired by the campaign to assist in raising funds for Citizens for Jeffco Schools. Bill is the chair of an Advisory Board of Philanthropy Experts, which is also an unpaid volunteer position. Bill did not hire Philanthropy Experts, the campaign strategist did because they have experience fundraising for campaigns and they’re known to be good at this work.

So what does Bill (and everyone else) get for volunteering for the campaign? NOTHING! In fact, he donated money to help the campaign. There’s no profit to be made. Maybe some good karma and a positive feeling from participating in volunteer work that benefits others.

Accusing people/businesses of unethical behavior simply for donating (Jeffco raised $162,942 while Denver raised $658,814) assumes that all individuals only do things because they receive something in return and not because supporting children and education is a good thing to do (read Bible or listen to conscience), leaves us to assume that this individual thinks just this way – NEVER DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU PERSONALLY GET SOMETHING OUT OF IT.

Don’t want to pay taxes? Okay, we get it.

Love your own little  school and can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for your kids alone at a pricey gala and don’t want to think about helping 86,000 others? Well, that’s sad, but okay.

How about you leave the rest of the children and community alone then? Read the 10 Commandments. And read the Bible. What you wrote is so wrong, unethical, rude, false, and just terribly ungrateful and mean. Attempting to disparage people in writing on the internet is the worst type of behavior. These are not elected officials and none of them are running for office, they are volunteers and community members. Our neighbors.

An apology is in order from this individual. We’ll wait for THAT to appear in YourHub.

Volunteering to lead a campaign of volunteers is hard work. It often means giving up all of your personal time and not seeing your family much, if at all. It’s tough and intense. No matter the outcome, Bill, and everyone else who helped should be thanked, hugged, and appreciated.

We thank Bill, our staff, and all volunteers and appreciate that you Support Jeffco Kids!