Respect For Educators

Treating our educators with respect is the first step in addressing the teacher shortage. They are trained professionals and experts in their content. This is NOT a job someone who likes kids can just walk in from the street and perform.

If you’ve seen a teacher’s plans at any time, you will realize the sheer time, effort, and creativity that goes into preparing lessons that meet the needs of each student while also engaging them and pushing them to meet the state standards and achieve as much growth as possible each year.

A few of the things that teachers did NOT sign up for:

  • A Department of Education that doesn’t believe in public education
  • Falling income
  • Attacks on retirement programs
  • Pushing out veteran teachers
  • Decreasing school funding
  • Teaching with fewer resources
  • Teaching evaluations that rely on the test results of students
  • Being scapegoated by politicians
  • Longer school years with less pay
  • Active shooter drills
  • Higher poverty rates and needier students
  • Substitute teacher shortages
  • Pacing guides and scripted lessons
  • Less recess, music, art, gym, and fun
  • Not being given appropriate time to actually teach

We have some amazing teachers in Jeffco! The very best! We love our Jeffco educators because they Support Jeffco Kids!

So, when you see folks attacking their profession, stand up to it. Your actions may very well save a teacher.

We are the culture. The work environment of your teacher is your child’s learning environment.

Support Jeffco Kids

Every child, every day!