Resolve 2016

As our Jeffco Community bids a fond farewell to 2015 and welcomes 2016, we, as co-chairs and co-founders of Support Jeffco Kids, want to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere thanks to the many Jeffco parents, grandparents, business and community leaders, teachers and district staff who have supported us these past two years.


Our community was in the spotlight in 2015 on a regular basis, and not always in a positive way. But while we drew national attention, we also demonstrated the strength and power a community has when it is united.

Jeffco showed the nation and the world we would not allow our schools to be bought and paid for by outside influences. As a school district, county, and community, almost 800 square miles in size, we were able to find common ground in the value we place on public education. We didn’t let the slanted rhetoric from expensive TV ads define us. We stood side-by-side as members of many political parties, economic status, religions and various walks of life. And ultimately, we’ve learned not to take for granted the important role public schools play in defining our community.


We are all anxious to move forward and look to 2016 to be a year of healing and righting the ship. We will need to be patient. You don’t turn a cruise ship on a dime, and even making slow and thoughtful corrections will cause some ripples.


Through this experience, some great friendships have been forged and new connections established in places we probably never thought could exist. We have found, the things that make us different from one another also make us stronger as a community when we come together.


So, let’s take a pledge to support this new school board we all fought so hard for, and stay engaged. Let’s show up for those community engagement events, budget forums, PTA and School Accountability Meetings. We can no longer sit back and be invisible because things seem okay. Let’s not wait for the barn to burn down before pulling out the fire hose.


As for us at Support Jeffco Kids, we have never been more proud of our Jeffco Community. We vow to work hard to keep those lines of communication flowing, make sure our new friendships don’t fade, and maintain our connections to ensure we remain a Jeffco United. We invite you to join us.


We bid 2015 good-bye and good riddance and we welcome 2016 with open arms full of great promise.
Happy New Year!
Jonna and Shawna