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This morning, we attended the Arvada Chamber of Commerce breakfast program “Understanding the State Budget.”



With a $27 Billion budget, one might think that Colorado really should be set – that’s certainly the rhetoric that we see on social media. Accusations of waste and making government spend within their means like the rest of us abound in online conversations. For education, there is always the added confusion of “you just got all that marijuana money” and “that’s what the lottery is for.”


It couldn’t be further from the truth!


Following the presentation there were two panelists who gave additional speeches. One was former Representative Cheri Gerou, a Republican who has been working on the Building a Better Colorado campaign to initiate community conversations on the problems facing Colorado and the other was from American’s For Prosperity.


Representative Gerou humorously noted a few times how much older she was than the AFP speaker. Certainly much more experience in budgeting, government, and living in the community than a 20 something with a two year old and a new baby who aren’t yet aware what the inside of our schools actually look like.


When you have both Republicans and Democrats start speaking out about TABOR causing significant issues (Rep. Gerou even noted that she voted for it), the community should start listening. It’s been noted in community meeting after meeting.

We have a problem, Colorado!


Here are a few resources for you to share and/or start your own research:



Dec 2015 Forecast Infographic (1)


For more information on the convoluted mess we call Education Funding, read this –


Aside from the fact that somehow the Arvada Chamber thought Americans for Prosperity was a credible source while most people invite someone from the Colorado Fiscal Institute –, it’s apparent that the $44 million political machine known as AFP is purchasing their way into unsuspecting doors across Colorado! Add in the money from their “foundation” branch and it’s about $60 million.

2016-03-18 (1)


It should have been clear just taking a look at the website. On the corporate site in Arlington, Virginia (not close to Colorado), a call to action is a main feature to tell Jeffco Board members not to fund any new schools in our district. From Arlington, Virginia.

2016-03-18 (6)

The Arvada Chamber is located in one of the major growth areas of the school district and one would hope that they’ve taken a look at the growth here in West Arvada and the abundance of temporary trailers outside of elementary schools in the area. Or perhaps heard one of over 15 presentations made in the past two years regarding school facilities in this area. If not, we hope they’ll call the district to get the facts at a future presentation promptly!


Why is an organization based out of Arlington, Virginia so concerned about the Colorado budget and fighting to give taxpayers refunds while we are underserving and underfunding the students in Jeffco and all of Colorado? Not to mention transportation, health services and senior care. Why is AFP spending so much money here and relocating people to work as “grassroots” organizers?


Senator Crowder, also a Republican, said it best:

2016-03-18 (3)

2016-03-18 (5)

We credit the Colorado Independent for this coverage:

“Speakers told the audience of about 100 that they need not be shy about talking about school choice and what that really means.  Real school choice is about putting tax dollars where you want them to go, whether in public, private, parochial or home schooling, said state Sen. Tim Neville, R-Littleton, who is considering a run for U.S. Senate. “


In this respect, school “choice” equals putting dollars elsewhere, even diverting those funds outside of public education.


More interesting was a conversation overheard while waiting for a friend in the hallway. The person who was there to speak for Senator Laura Woods, also said to be a lobbyist for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, was telling another man that they were looking at the 2017 school board election as well as potential recall of the current board members.


They haven’t forgotten about the money attached to our Jeffco kids, friends! Please stay involved, do your research, sign up to volunteer with us, share this, and donate!


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