Reaching Out to Others

A couple days ago, we learned a great friend of ours experienced an emergency. He has now spoken about this and wants to share his passion and plea for others. Jim Earley has been a friend of ours for many years and he is a passionate and active education advocate for our public schools. What you should remember is that this can happen to any one of us and we need to work together to help each other and our children.

And now, his words:

I’ve been off social media for a few days. There’s a reason. My daughter attempted suicide on December 30th. For the last three days, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from dealing with the immediate danger of my daughter’s situation to shock, sadness, and anger.

I’m lucky that my daughter is still alive. In a lot of ways, we dodged a bullet. Now the hard part begins. My daughter has a long road ahead of her to find her footing and to get beyond her current crisis. At least there is light of end of the tunnel.

I’m sharing because suicide among our youth is reaching epidemic levels. This saddens me deeply. So many of our kids struggle to understand that so many people love them, despite what they think. I know this firsthand when my several of daughter’s friends used Safe2Tell Colorado to alert local public safety organizations, including the Westminster PD, and her principal (and my friend) at Standley Lake High School. My daughter is blessed to have so many people who sincerely care for her well-being – this is something I can’t thank enough. In the long run, my daughter is alive because so many students, staff, and public safety officials took the time to care. This community means so much to me, because every person, despite their circumstances matters.

Perhaps now, because I do have a voice in this community, and because of this tragedy that has befallen my family, we can use this situation as a means for ensuring that EVERY child has the same opportunities to LIVE. Let me be clear that no family is immune from this danger.

I will always be an advocate for education, but first and foremost, I will always be an advocate for giving every child the chance to live to their fullest potential. I hope that you hold your children a little closer and tighter tonight. I pray that if you see a child in distress, you can be the agent of change and hope in their lives. There are too many that need our help. Step up. Make a change. I promise that it will change our lives in the most profound of ways.

I’ll certainly be thankful for your prayers. But know that I’m just one parent in a moment of crisis. There are so many that need our help. Reach out to them and give them your support.

If nothing else, I can’t thank you all enough for your words of encouragement and support for my daughter. She is here today because so many cared. Eventually, she will find a path to a good place. That is a priceless gift to me. I hope that I can repay that in the future.

With the deepest love and gratitude,


Our love to you, all of you!

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