Questions to the board from our Administrators

Upon reviewing board docs for the upcoming meeting on Thursday, we found the following letter from JCAA with questions from our administrators in the district – both members of this group and non-members were included.  We found these questions to be very thoughtful and reflective of questions that may of us in the community have relayed in letters to the board and wanted to share this with everyone.


Following are the questions:

• How will the Board of Education enable, support and launch new initiatives while creating a competitivecompensation plan which supports staff career growth while building effectiveness in our teachers and leaders?

• What role does the Board of Education see for central administration in supporting schools?

• How will the Board of Education support the district’s schools in their ongoing work of providing high quality instruction and positive achievement trends considering the unfunded mandates of the last four years?

• How will the Board of Education use the staff’s educational expertise to make decisions which best support ALL students?

• What supports for administrators (i.e., achievement directors, assistant principals, instructional coaches, peer evaluators, etc.) will the Board of Education employ to help administrators be effective leaders?

• How will the Board of Education seek input from parents, teachers, administrators, students and support staff on decisions?

• What makes a “successful school”? What steps will the Board of Education take to support neighborhood schools in their work to meet the needs of their students through curricular and program choices?

• What role will the Board of Education take in recruiting, retaining and developing highly effective school and district staff?

• How does the Board of Education define student achievement? What steps are needed to accomplish that definition?

• How will the Board of Education support continued collaboration among different stakeholder groups to do what is best for kids?

• How will Charter Schools / Schools of Innovation be implemented? Will the Board of Education use a rubric to evaluate applications? If so, what will it look like? Will all neighborhood students living within the charter or school of innovation’s boundaries be allowed to attend or will the Board allow limited access? If not, how will access be determined?


We hope that our administrators will receive a prompt response to these questions and that this response is shared with the community in the interest of transparency and an effort to collaborate with the many community groups that have worked together with prior boards.


The letter in it’s entirety can be found here:  c14316Oa