Public Property & Yard Signs

We are very proud of the grassroots efforts of the volunteers in Jeffco! We appreciate how the community has come together to use your voices collectively and how everyone makes an effort to ensure that we do things “the right way.” Because, integrity counts!

We’d just like to remind everyone that yard signs should not be posted on public property (we know how upsetting it is to see the “no” signs popping up in the middle of the night in these areas) or on vacant property, construction/business property without the owner’s consent. One business coming to Arvada had a sign that our volunteers didn’t care for, we wanted to point out that contacting the business is a great idea!

Here’s a response from Steuben’s after a lovely volunteer contacted them:  “Thank you for your email concerning the political sign on our property in Arvada. It was in fact placed there without our knowledge and has since been removed. We are not looking to get involved in any type of politics. Should you notice any other signs on the property in the future, please feel free to email me directly, and I will have them removed. Until construction begins we are not on site daily. Thanks again for the heads up. Hope to see you at Steuben’s Arvada in 2016!”


Contact those businesses and property owners and check in to see if they intended to have signs placed there or perhaps they’ll want a sign from you!