Public Comment on School Finance

Support Jeffco Kids has submitted our public comment to the Interim School Finance Committee. Have you? We hope you will do so! For a template and more information, check out our previous post –

Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance – Public Comment


From: J. Levine <>



Sent: Tue, Oct 8, 2019 10:48 am

Subject: Interim Committee on School Finance Public Comment

Dear Committee Members

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on the work the Interim Committee on School Finance is doing.

In February of 2018, the state’s superintendents collaborated to propose a student-centric school finance formula that aspired to provide all 178 school districts with increased funding for all students.

Support Jeffco Kids proudly supported the superintendents’ work in 2018, when the state’s superintendents did their own research and collaboration around what school funding should look like.  We believe the state’s superintendents’ work from 2018 should not be disregarded, and we respectfully ask The Committee to consider engaging the state’s superintendents in this work.

We strongly agree, “The most important component to a new school funding formula is additional revenue. Without additional revenue, adjustments within the current formula or implementation of a new formula will inevitably result in creating winners and losers among districts that are already functioning in a grossly underfunded system.”

The resulting “winners and losers” of any formula or formula adjustment is a step backward when we all know how important Equity is in funding our students and schools. As much as we may all agree more funding is needed for Special Education students, At Risk students, English Language Learners and other student funding categories, to add to one at the detriment of another student group is sorely unjust, and well below our moral standards as a state.

Working with our state’s experts on this matter, the state’s superintendents, is vital to being successful in this work. We strongly encourage you to seek their input and collaboration.

Thank you for all you do for Colorado’s students.

Jonna Levine
Support Jeffco Kids