PSAT Replaces CMAS

News from CDE – our 9th graders, statewide will take the PSAT for the ELA assessment rather than CMAS. This should be a good step in ensuring our students are career and college ready and a good way to practice for SATs for college entrance. Here’s the Press Release:

News Release

PSAT 8/9 to be given as Colorado’s ninth-grade statewide assessment in English language arts, math

Legislation amended state’s high-school testing requirement

DENVER – Colorado ninth-graders will take the PSAT 8/9 as the statewide assessment in English language arts and math beginning in the spring of 2018, replacing the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) tests in those subjects for the ninth grade.

This spring the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 17-1181, which amended the high-school testing requirements and replaced the assessments with one that is aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards as well as to the 10th-grade assessment. The PSAT 10 that high school sophomores have taken for the past two years is required to be aligned with the state’s college entrance exam that 11th graders take – the SAT.

The legislation aligned Colorado’s English language arts and math assessments into a cohesive suite through the 11th grade. The PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10 and SAT will provide the state, districts and schools with a longitudinal, evidence-based assessment system that measures growth in relation to essential college and career readiness.

“Providing students with aligned assessments will help them determine what they need to work on through their high school years so they can be better prepared to graduate high school ready for college or careers,” said Katy Anthes, Colorado’s education commissioner.

Results from the PSAT 8/9 show students whether they are on track for college and informs them about areas for improvement. Students over 13 can share their scores with Khan Academy to create personalized practice experiences.

CDE staff is currently working with the College Board to add the PSAT 8/9 for ninth grade to the existing state contract.

Students in grades three through eight will continue to take the CMAS English language arts and math assessments. Students in grades five, eight and 11 will continue to annually take the CMAS science assessments, and students in grades four, seven and 11 will continue to take the CMAS social studies assessments on a sampling basis.