Property Values

During a recent meeting discussing 3A and 3B, one of the parents raised the point she hears from some of her neighbors who no longer have kids in the schools. Why should they support Jeffco Schools this November.

In two words: Property Values.  

We have provided some information below from the September 2015 Washington Post article by Michele Lerner, School quality has a mighty influence on neighborhood choice, home values.

“The 2015 National Association of Realtors Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study found that the “quality of the school district” was the sixth-most-important factor influencing the neighborhood choice of home buyers around the country, but for buyers 35 to 49, the school district was the fourth-most-important factor.”

“The correlation between highly rated schools and higher home prices has been documented, including a Redfin brokerage report in 2013 that found that homes in neighborhoods with top-ranked schools cost about $50 more per square foot than homes in communities with average-ranked schools.” 

“It would be wise for first-time buyers to consider the importance of schools in case they have kids in the future and for the impact on resale value…”

Some additional information we’d like to add:

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Colorado is the second fastest growing state in the nation.

People want to move to Colorado. Businesses want to move here. But, as developers and businesses take a close look at Colorado, one of the key factors will be the quality of schools. They have many great options. Jeffco is well respected, but we aren’t the “only game in town”. Boulder Valley, Cherry Creek, Denver are all considered outstanding school districts, too. Coincidentally, they also have a mill and/or bond on this November’s ballot. They are planning some big investments in their schools.

Jeffco has some serious catching up to do.

  • We haven’t invested in our school buildings since 2004. 12 years ago. Yes, as the U.S and Colorado economy was recovering from the Great Recession ,we passed a small bond in 2012 – as a band-aide to keep our students and staff “warm, safe and dry”. It was triage.
  • We’ve lost a lot of quality staff (over the past two years, especially).   We no longer offer competitive salaries, nor do we have the funding to recognize experienced staff who sacrificed by taking a 3% pay cut during previous years’ budget cuts. Surrounding districts pay up to 19% more than Jeffco.

Ask yourself, how does it make us look to new businesses and developers when they are scouting locations to establish or build.

The quality of our schools will be a factor.   It will be a factor to new businesses coming to our state and certainly will be a factor for homebuyers.

If you can’t support our schools because it’s good for our students, then do it for your own personal gain.

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