Prop CC from Great Ed

Our friends at Great Education Colorado sent out a pretty good email about Prop CC that will be on the ballot in November. In fact, it’s perfect as is so we’re sharing it with you here:


It’s an off-year election, and with 2020 being the year everyone is gearing up for, many people might not be paying attention this November. So at this point, you’ve probably heard that Prop CC is going to be on the ballot, but might not know much about it.

We’re here to make sure you understand why Prop CC is something we’re excited about, and why we think you should be excited, too.

So let’s start from the beginning. Below is how Prop CC came to be:

Prop CC is a referred measure from the legislature (as you can see above) that passed through with two bills: one that put the measure on the ballot, and one that defined where the dollars would go if voters say ‘yes’ to Prop CC this fall.

What’s happened with Prop CC since the legislative session ended?

This summer, you may have read about a “Special Session” potentially being called at the legislature for Prop CC. The legislature was considering getting back together to make some amendments to Prop CC, but for many reasons, that did not happen.

So now we know Prop CC isn’t going to change. What’s the language that’s going to be on the ballot?

The title is pretty simple: “Without raising taxes and to better fund public schools, higher education, and roads, bridges, and transit, within a balanced budget, may the state keep and spend all the revenue it annually collects after June 30, 2019, but is not currently allowed to keep and spend under Colorado law, with an annual independent audit to show how the retained revenues are spent?”

If you want to read the whole measure, you can find the full language here.

If Prop CC passes in the fall, what does that mean for Colorado?

Okay, so Prop CC is important for increasing funds for education…but what can we do to help get it passed? 

  1. Pledge to be a public education voter this fall!
  2. Spread the word — join Great Ed’s movement of organizers. By volunteering for as little as 15 minutes per week, you could help bring better resources to students all over the state. Sign up here!

We need your help to pass Prop CC and increase funding for public schools this fall!

If you have any questions about Prop CC or other efforts at the ballot this fall, feel free to email me at

Betsy Bevis

Director of Outreach & Public Affairs
Great Education Colorado