Please Call AND Email Immediately

We have told you of the equity issues surrounding SB61 previously and done several calls to action, yet it continues to rear its ugly head, each year, and down at the Capitol there are concerns right now! There is a difference between equal and equitable. Yet here we are near the end of the Legislative Session and our elected officials are trying to wheel and deal by adding this bad bill to the School Finance Act. Here’s the real deal – it’s not about making everyone happy in political circles, it must be about funding for ALL Colorado kids and only about funding for ALL Colorado kids.

The education of children today looks grossly different than it did prior to the implementation of the negative factor. Parents with children in schools today, educators, and those engrossed in education will all tell you that this legislation should have no part in the School Finance Act!

Please call AND email immediately and tell Representative Pettersen NO on any form of SB 61 in the School Finance Act.

Brittany Pettersen 303-866-2939

And for good measure – call and email the REST of the House Education Committee and tell them NO on any form of SB 61 in the School Finance Act!

Jeff Bridges 303-866-2921
Janet Buckner 303-866-2944
Justin Everett 303-866-2927
Tony Exum 303-866-3069
Alec Garnett 303-866-2911
Pete Lee 303-866-2932
Timothy Leonard 303-866-2582
Paul Lundeen 303-866-2924
Barbara McLachlan 303-866-2914
Clarice Navarro 303-866-2905
Brittany Pettersen 303-866-2939
Lang Sias 303-866-2962
James Wilson 303-866-2747

You can find your own Representative and Senator to contact here –

Our kids, all kids, deserve more and better than sneaky amendments.

Please, please, please do not settle for anything less than what our children deserve! Everyone deserves an equitable education!

If SB61 is too toxic to pass on its own, it is too toxic to be attached to the School Finance Act. This could have lasting implications.


At a time when the state is not fully nor adequately funding any schools, forcing our state and school districts to reallocate funds to other schools with less accountability and transparency is fiscally irresponsible.

Here are a few items from our previous posts about this subject! Please call AND email immediately!!!

@jeffbridges Base funding must INCREASE $2000 to meet needs of typical #edcolo student, not decrease via #SB61

EQUITABLE funding for SPED ELL GT rural students, not EQUAL #NOonSB61 #edcolo #coleg