Please Attend a Forum, Jeffco!

Douglas County has made the news both in Colorado and across the country now for a controversial decision that didn’t involve the community or even simple communication to their own Board of Education members. Many were, quite simply, blindsided. Elected officials responsible for the students and schools in the community learned of the decision on social media and in the news as did the parents of students.


Avoiding or simply just ignoring responsibility for community engagement is the worst thing any school district can do when it should be seeking to communicate, engage, and build trust with stakeholders. Particularly those who entrust that district with our children.


It has been a long two years in Jeffco with committees being destroyed, staff and parents being alienated, the communications department being decimated, and decisions being made without community input. It’s time to put community feedback back as a priority of the district. Committees will not solve the issue, it requires the district staff and board members going out into the communities and extensive advertisement of the events.


We are quite pleased to report that the facilities and operations staff are holding community forums! Kudos!


Saturday, April 23rd, 9am to 11am at Dakota Ridge High School

Wednesday, April 27th, 6pm to 8pm at North Arvada Middle School

Wednesday, May 4th, 8am to 10am at Conifer High School

Wednesday, May 4th, 5pm to 7pm at Green Mountain High School

Tuesday, May 31st, 6pm to 8pm at Ralston Valley High School

Wednesday, June 1st, 6pm to 8pm at Pomona High School

Saturday, June 4th, 9am to 11am at Stevens Elementary

Saturday, June 4th, 11am to 1pm at Arvada West High School

Monday, June 6th, 6pm to 8pm at Golden High School

Wednesday, June 8th, 8am to 10am at Bear Creek High School

Wednesday, June 8th, 6pm to 8pm at Wheat Ridge High School

Thursday, June 9th, 6pm to 8pm at Stein Elementary at O’Connell


We are delighted to see this happening and want to encourage everyone to attend these forums and voice your opinions. We also want to encourage you to write the board to ask that they ensure the district does a better job communicating and advertising these events. There is nothing on the front page of the district website and nothing listed under community, yet the first forum is this Saturday.


This should be advertised at every school, in every school newsletter, on every marque, in every community paper, online event calendars, through the chambers of commerce, through the JEDC, through the district newsletters, on Facebook, on Twitter, on every website, in every principal message to their community, through the Jeffco Schools Foundation and Outdoor Lab news and websites, through the Jeffco PTA, through the League of Women Voters, the Kiwanis, the VFWs, the Golden Newsletter, JCEA, JCAA, CSEA and even to us at SJK.


It’s been two years of no communication and no real community engagement. Decisions have been made without us as a part of the process and too often decisions were presented to us without even offering us the opportunity to give feedback. This has been felt in the community and only results in a lack of engagement and support. We now have a Board who wants to hear from us, so please speak up!


Please, Jeffco, let’s show up to these forums and be a part of the process. Let’s work together to rebuild the strong tradition of excellence and collaboration we previously had.


  • Attend at least one of these forums
  • Speak up
  • Use your voice
  • Be a part of the process
  • Ensure that things happen WITH us instead of TO us
  • Spread the word to others
  • Bring friends
  • Email the board to ask that district communications be improved so we have the appropriate information to be a part of this process that impacts our children –  (
  • Share this post to ensure others find the information so they can participate!

PUBLIC MTG Facilities Master Plan – download flyer

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