PERA Under Attack

Everyone is connected to education in some way. Perhaps it’s your parent, aunt, uncle, or neighbor who is a retired teacher. Education staff are poorly paid, especially in Colorado. The retirement system for educators and all other state employees is PERA, approved by voters and established by state law in 1931. It’s basically a social security replacement program, our state employees do not get social security. Some people confuse it with a 401K, which it is NOT!

However, PERA is continually under attack as are educators for receiving PERA. Imagine being criticized for receiving social security when you retire.

We received the following information from our education association friends and wanted to share some of the points with you as well in case you want to join their efforts.

“Yesterday, Republican Senators Tate and Priola with House Sponsors Democrats Pabon and Becker introduced SB 18-200. As expected, this bill includes a Defined Contribution provision (see below). It is urgent that we make our collective voices heard.  We have already begun to build momentum with two highly successful lobby days and our report on out of pocket spending highlighting the amount money educators spend out of pocket. This attack on PERA is the latest example of outsized corporate influence, as private investment managers stand to gain significantly from this bill at the expense of educators.”

“​​We have a couple of important updates and asks:
  • The hearing has been changed from this Thursday to Tuesday, March 13 at 2:00 pm. Please plan to attend.
  • Email Legislators – The following Action Network link has been sent to members and posted on the CEA Facebook page. Please forward the link to your member lists and share on your local Facebook pages. (non-educators will need to edit the sample letter slightly.)
  • Wear Red on Tuesday: We need to show that this is a statewide issue that all educators care about. Post pictures to social media and use the hashtags: #protectPERA and #ClassroomsNotCorporations

“Let’s make sure that our legislators hear our collective voice and are held accountable to the promises they have made to public education.”