Partisan Politics and Telling Lies

We have been sent copies of some things that are very bothersome. We’ve experienced a huge lack of transparency and accountability since the Board Majority came into office, a turn to make everything political, a severe lack of decorum and disrespect, and with all our work, we don’t want to go through this again. Our volunteers and supporters are sick of politics and want this removed from our school board on November 3rd!


We are now going to share copies of some items sent to us by supporters that we think people should read. Our school board is supposed to be NONPARTISAN! Please pay special attention to items in red and note OUR comments are in BLUE.


Candidate Kim Johnson sent out an email that she knows is blatantly false based on other emails we’ve been sent that show her involvement:

“Running against the political food fight doesn’t keep a candidate out of it. In fact, it puts you in the middle. Some people, on both sides, have made ridiculous claims. Some have claimed I can’t be trusted because my brother and campaign advisor Kevin worked for Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Gary Hart. Some have claimed I was selected by a group of conservatives, which is false.”

Keep reading and you’ll see that Kim WAS selected by a group of conservatives. It’s in writing, though it was meant to be “confidential.”


“There have been accusations, and I have learned there will be more accusations, that I am not independent. The truth is, early on I was asked to be part of a team. I chose not to, because it would undercut my goals in running: to focus on the students, educators and the community – not politics. Some members of that group decided to support me, but saying anyone selected me is not accurate.



Here’s a copy of an email, note the June 29th date:

Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 11:31 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
After  months of meetings, about 12 Jeffco conservative education leaders have selected a candidate for the Jeffco school board, to represent District 3 (Arvada).

READ: “Jeffco Conservative leaders have selected.”

Five prospective candidates participated in an extensive vetting process that included weekly meetings for five months and mock interviews, speeches, and responses. These people were grilled!  

Following this extensive vetting process, the team selected Kim Johnson.       Kim has been very involved in her children’s school and has connections throughout the school community because she served as her school’s PTA President and has worked closely with her school’s Principal.

Kim has a background in commercial real estate management, which gives her an in-depth understanding of the need to get in front of the school needs posed by the new growth in the Candela’s and Leydon Rock areas of northwest Arvada.

I have found Kim willing to devote the time necessary to listen to people’s interests, conduct her own research, contact the people she needs to in order to see an issue move forward, and most importantly, she’s truly concerned about what’s best for children.

Kim Johnson was my first pick for a candidate for District 3 and I encourage you to support her as well.

Like most candidates or ballot issues, we probably won’t agree with everyone 100%.  Since this year’s election may also include a recall ballot issue against the 3 board members that comprise the majority,it’s more important than ever that we rally behind those who are willing to devote their VOLUNTEER time on our behalf.

We can expected millions — yes, I said MILLIONS — of dollars to pour into this race, our talking with our friends and neighbors is more critical than ever before. People will believe their neighbor or friend before they believe something they may hear on the radio or TV.

They must be speaking about the millions that are pouring into their own campaigns. – this doesn’t even include the $200,000 Jeffco Students First Observer mailing.


 If you are on Facebook, please “like” Kim’s Facebook page.–
Denise Mund
Cell 303-808-7720

Denise Mund is partner with Brad Miller, in Charter School Solutions, the BOE3’s attorney.






This email certainly shows that Ms. Johnson was selected by “conservatives” but the next is much more telling. Note the date of December 5th, 2014.


From: <>
Date: Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 8:40 AM
Subject: Meeting Minutes 11/4 (confidential)  OOPS!
To: Preston Branaugh, Board Member of Jeffco Students First and candidate who failed against Jill Fellman in 2011, Jessica Branaugh, wife of Preston Branaugh, Lobbyist, Laura Boggs – twice censured Board Member and failed State Board Candidate against Jane Goff, Board Majority appointee on district accountability and a pastor, Board Majority appointee on district accountability for just a few months, attempted to run for Co-Chair of committee before having ever attending a meeting, Denise Mund, Partners with Brad Miller on Charter School Solutions, Not a clue who this is, Dave Brazzell – see further below for more informaton, Kara Lynch Johnston Board Member for Golden View Classical Academy, Sheila Atwell Executive Director of Jeffco Students First, Jeffco Observer, speaks at AFP and other tea party events, Failed candidate against Lesley Dahlkemper in 2011, Gerald Russell, Esq., Attorney at Law, No clue , Mary Everson, married to Jim Everson, Jefferson County Assessor, Ben DeGrow, Independence Institute

I will ask everyone on this email list to hold this information as strictly confidential. Do not forward to anybody. Verbally discuss this with who you trust. This is a strategy document. Thanks. OOPS!

Attendees: Jonah Hearne, Laura Boggs, Dan Green, Mary Everson, Preston Branaugh, Denise Mund, David Brazzell

Discussions: Laura laid out a possible scenario starting in January. John Ford release a 30 second video a few days ago alluding to a fight that will start in January.

In this scenario, the union will submit two petitions for recall against Julie Williams and Ken Witt. Laura will have an organization that will submit two petitions for recall against Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman. There is currently a commitment of a large sum of money to collect signatures in a recall race against Lesley and Jill. If the recalls proceed and we all get enough signatures the elections would occur around late May to mid-June. Our objective would be to push the election into summer so school will be out and teachers are on vacation. Given this action, we will need candidates to run in the recall election and the November election.

You would specifically seek to use a time frame when teachers are on vacation, hoping to avoid any sort of conversation with the people who actually teach our children? 


Scenario 1: Everyone looses the recall election, we will need new candidates in District 1 and 5 in November, but we maintain a majority on the board.

Again, the focus here is on politics and not children – “majority.” And it’s spelled “lose” – why does everyone who supports WNW continually use “loose?” Or perhaps this shows us who wrote that for Julie Williams?


Scenario 2: Julie and Ken loose the recall election, we will need new candidates in District 1 and 5 in November, Lesley regains the presidency and becomes so nasty and arrogant that we will win back the majority in November. This will be after the teachers union contract has been approved so who knows what damage will be done.

This is what is nasty and arrogant.


Scenario 3: Julie and Ken win the recall election, Lesley and Jill loose and we have the entire board right before the teachers union contract is due and we will see what happens during the open negotiations thanks to 104.

Actually, this is thanks to JCEA – they voted to have open negotiations prior to the law and prior to the Board even bringing it up.


Scenario 4: Everyone wins and we focus on November with two strong candidates in District 4 and 3.

Possible candidates from our discussions:

District 1: Julie Williams (i), Dan Green, Vanessa Demont, Susan Kochevar

District 2: John Newkirk (i), Susan Miller, Tom Coyne, Derick Shouler (just in case the union surprises us)

District 3: Nichole Deminic, Preston Branaugh, Lang Sais, Kim Johnson, Scott Applegate, Bret Garfield

District 4: Adam Gardener (note to Jim Powers: Do you have any good candidate ideas?)

District 5: Ken Witt (i), Mary Everson, Rachel Swalley

We will contact the potential candidates for District 3 and 4 to invite them to a potential candidate meeting to discuss ideas and reach a consensus on who will be in it to win it with our support. Next meeting: Saturday, 12/13 at 8:00 am

Location: TBD (I am working on a community center location)

Agenda: Get to know the possible candidates who are interested in running and build a consensus for what will be a hard year ahead.

Jonah Hearne
HD27, Area Coordinator

Anyone else find it interesting that they were planning this back in December of 2014?


From: <>
Date: Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 3:42 PM
Subject: Saturday Meeting Minutes (confidential)

To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Executive Director of Compass Montessori Bill Kottenstette

Attendees: Jonah Hearne, Laura Boggs, Preston Branaugh, Denise Mund, David Brazzell, Bill Kottenstette


1. Denise updated the group with conversations she has had indicating the oppositions is looking to recall all three of the conservative board members. That would put all board members on recall in May-June.

2. Kim Johnson was at the meeting to introduce herself to the team. We introduced ourselves and Kim shared her background.

Key Points: Kim has two children in West Woods Elementary, 4th and 5th grade both have ALP’s and her oldest is GT. We have known each other for almost 10 years since my wife joined the local chapter
of Mom’s Club. She was president of that local chapter and went on to be an Area Coordinator for about 4 years. She is currently President of the PTSA at West Woods finishing her term in May. She has attended nearly every learning workshop held by the school district in the past 5 years. Her parents are both teachers back in California. She has lived in Jefferson County for the past 11 years.
3. Kim expressed her strong desire to be part of this process regardless if she is the candidate or not.

Right here, Kim misrepresents that she has been involved with this group since December 2014 and that she desired to belong to the group. 

4. Next steps: Forming more structure within our group, creating subcommittees to support individual candidates, still need to meet with a candidate for District 4.

Opposition meeting minutes (1) – see the original email.


Jonah Hearne – the “HD27 Organizer” – connected to AFP



Bill Kottenstette, Executive Director of Compass Montessori – this person should know better than to be involved in these “confidential” activities.






Dave Brazzell

2012 3A 3B Mill & Bond Co-Chair, very active Jeffco mom and Jeffco volunteer, Kelly Johnson shares this very disturbing story:

“After the success of the mill and bond, I received some upsetting information. I was told that Mr. Brazzell, who had served as one ofour charter school outreach co-chairs, told people that he really had Jonna and me fooled. He said he never voted for the mill and bond, and then he offered to spy on Jeff Lamontagne’s school board campaign because no one would ever suspect Brazzell because he had us al fooled to think that he was on our side. “

We were unaware that children had sides.


Laura Boggs:

Censured Twice

Very much disliked our former superintendent, to the point of agreeing that she should be shot and giggling at this thought on air.

“…for “unethical behavior” after Boggs reportedly threatened to derail a $32.8 million federal grant and to “tear this county apart.”


There’s your partisan politics at play. And this is what they call putting kids first?


No, thanks!

Vote YES on Recall!  Then, check out the fab five we have endorsed – Ali Lasell, Amanda Stevens, Brad Rupert, Ron Mitchell and Susan Harmon