Parent In The Homestretch Advocates For Education Funding

A recent Facebook post by a parent caught our eye and we thought you’d like to read it and share it with others!

The parent shared this resource from Jeffco Schools about the condition of our facilities –

“I actually think my kids’ schools should be ranked lower. There are items that people might not see as important on that list. We are bursting at the seams. The band room was adequate when we didn’t have almost a 100 member marching band. Before the other bands and orchestras grew. I went to an event at Cherry Creek HS, a well funded district. The difference was eye opening. There were practice rooms and a locker room for instruments. Not to mention the sheer size of the room. Why do we need an auxiliary gym? Well, during the fall, there are three volleyball teams, poms, cheer and of course any of the other activities that require the gym. In the winter there are six basketball teams vying for gym time. We are lucky that a former teacher allows teams to practice in the barn. In addition to basketball, there is wrestling and other activities that use the gym. Spring is the only time the gym is just used for raining or snowing days with other sports. 

“Back in the 80s, someone decided that decaying corpse pink was calming and painted all the common walls this color and sealed it, that makes it more expensive to paint over. There are broken desks and outdated furniture. These updates, repairs and improvements are for all of us. Not only will our children go to a school they can be proud of, better schools increase property values.

“I’m in the homestretch, my kids will never see the new track, or addition to the school. They will finish their last year(s) with the same issues they started with in 2007-2008. They have never gone to a well funded school, they know how laptops, smart boards and even the math curriculum were paid for. By an awesome PTA and parents that were willing to donate and hock crap to pay for these things. 

“We are a wealthy state, we are an educated state, it is embarrassing that we have allowed our schools to crumble without any consideration for our future. There will be a few things/people on the ballot that support our schools, I strongly urge you to research the ballot and vote for education. Need help? I always research and give you both sides. But, if it’s about education, there is only one side. We have ridiculously low taxes, so I don’t want to hear, “I pay enough in taxes”. 

“In the meantime, get to know TABOR, Gallagher, the BS Factor and Amendment 23, it will make you angry about what we are doing to our schools.”

Thanks, Kristen Ching Simon! We couldn’t have said it better!