Parade Info for Saturday!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 10, 2016!

Join us in the 91st Annual Arvada Harvest Festival Parade
on Saturday September 10, 2016. Kick off is at 9am, we recommend getting there AT LEAST 30 minutes prior, especially due to parking. Here’s where to meet us:

57 / Support Jeffco Kids
W. 57th, between Dudley & Estes


The Arvada Harvest Parade with SJK, it’s the most fun you’ll have in September! Over the past many years, we have had an impressive number of people walking with us to Support Jeffco Kids. This year, it’s more important than ever! Join us on September 10th!

The 2016 theme will be ” the Ultimate Superhero Showcase .”

Support Jeffco Kids believes the Ultimate Superhero in the Jeffco community is ALL of our wonderful supporters. You all are our School Superheroes!

  • Our hard working and dedicated teachers and education professionals.
  • All of our parents who know how important it is to keep our public schools strong.
  • The amazing members of our retired community. We are grateful for so many retired educators and public education advocates.

That’s why we want you ALL to join us. If you have a cape, bring it and wear it when you walk with us in our entry in the parade. We have invited the 3A3B team to join us and our friends at Fundraising Fire Engine as we all Support Jeffco Kids! We’ll have signs but you can make your own if you prefer. Everyone is welcome!

Be a hero, Support Jeffco Kids!

Every child, every day!


Answers to a few FAQs –

  • Please don’t bring your pets. We expect (hope for) a large crowd and we have a fire truck. Though we are huge dog lovers, we do not have dogs in our entry. We do have kids in our entry who might be afraid of dogs.
  • With such a large group, bikes and scooters aren’t safe. Please make safety a priority.
  • Fire truck seating is limited and will only be for members of our group who cannot make the walk and have pre-arranged this with us.
  • You are welcome to make your own signs! The 3A3B team has car signs you can print and use for this purpose. We’ll have a few SJK signs as well.
  • Strollers welcome! Several people decorated them in years past and that’s awesome!
  • Wear comfortable shoes, it really is a long walk!
  • Always be nice to the organizers. They include this in their instructions to us. Our group is always one of the friendliest but it’s a nice reminder to appreciate those volunteers as well.
  • Please bring candy! We cannot throw the candy out, but it can be handed to the children along the route.